The Advantages of Zero Lock-in Cloud Storage and Data Protection

Your unstructured data is mostly inactive and low-touch. It’s consuming your IT storage budget, complicating backup, and creating risk for your organization. HubStor helps you leverage the cloud to simplify your life without ever locking you in.

With simple policy-based archiving, you will move the low-touch and inactive data from expensive primary storage into your low-cost cloud archive — all without disrupting your users. This simple step instantly benefits your business in the following ways:

  • Reduces your storage costs by 66-75%.
  • Shifts more of your storage budget to an operating expenditure.
  • Frees up space in your existing storage, allowing you to defer the purchase of more storage on-premises, ultimately freeing up capital to fund IT initiatives that grow your business.
Ransomware attacks are up 300% in 2016. Most of what’s in your primary storage is inactive data that should be protected in the cloud. HubStor’s cloud archiving security advantage helps you protect your organization’s data against malicious users, while giving your users secure access to their data at all times. In the cloud, your data is automatically backed up with three synchronous copies, and your full access controls automatically synchronized. Go further with HubStor’s built-in data loss prevention and role-based access to enhance your security posture. And in case of data loss in your on-premises storage, you can easily recover your data from HubStor whenever you need.
The problem with many enterprise cloud storage approaches is that they don’t carry over permissions from the source file systems and they provide a limited user experience. HubStor delivers secure cloud archival with ongoing and complete security synchronization so that identity and access in the cloud are seamless without you having to worry about it. Users securely browse and access their data and you can optionally authorize users to perform searches against their archived data, as well as securely share items and folders internally and externally.
Indexing an entire archive is time consuming, costly, and often unnecessary.

You’ll get more for less in the cloud. Not only can we scale search up and down as you need, but we can also freeze search when you aren’t using it to keep costs low. With HubStor you also have the power to control the scope of content indexing with policies. This means you can decide exactly what content in your archive is indexed, delivering targeted results faster at a fraction of the cost. Never worry about the complexities of the search infrastructure again — search is now fully managed as a service for you.

HubStor makes it easy for you to cost-efficiently preserve data in the cloud with the ability to provide privileged users with access to manage retention, perform audits, analyze access rights, and execute early data assessments for eDiscovery. You can also create cases, run collections, and manage litigation holds on your data by users and groups or by searches and policies.

HubStor also includes features for efficient cold storage of PST files, which can easily be indexed in a targeted manner and optionally deep processed for advanced interrogation and collection.

Does your business need to keep certain data for set retention periods? Does the storage need to be immutable? HubStor takes out the high-cost and complexity of compliance archiving. Whether you’re in financial services, healthcare, life sciences, or other industries with compliance requirements for storage, retention, auditing, and discovery, HubStor gives you the power to easily meet compliance needs on Microsoft Azure in a cost efficient manner.

Life is easier in the cloud

Cloud-integrated storage

Auto-archive data to the cloud as it ages using policies, without changing the way your work.



Index and search content on demand at a fraction of the cost.


Data Governance

Analyze and manage data for compliance and agility.


Data Protection

Simplify your backup strategy and recover what you need from the cloud.


Manage Data Growth

Unlock Smarter Storage Economics

50% of primary storage is typically inactive or low-touch data.  Dealing with data growth is the #1 storage project in 49% of organizations according to 451 Research. Cloud archiving with HubStor is an active archive strategy that reduces fully-burdened storage costs by 87% while keeping data easily accessible to users.

manage data growth

Your Data Deserves Better Security

Cloud archiving with HubStor is major security advantage, giving you better protection and control of your company’s information assets.

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Manage Data Growth with Cloud

Break free of the hardware refresh cycle.


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  • "Even as a new client, we’ve seen new features in HubStor resulting from our suggestions. Rarely have we seen a vendor so responsive."
    PAUL SKINNER, CIO, Human Resources Systems Group, Inc.
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