Andrew Moffat

Andrew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Keshet Technologies Inc. Since 2004, Keshet has assisted up-and-coming IT businesses and entrepreneurs with financing and strategic guidance. Prior to Keshet, Mr. Moffat was a founder and the Chief Executive Officer of EDUCOM TS Inc., an independent software vendor, developing solutions for the email archive market space. According to leading industry analysts, EDUCOM was the global leader in its market space, prior to its sale in 2004 to ZANTAZ Corporation, a leading global provider of enterprise-class software and on-demand solutions for Information Retention and Discovery Management. Prior to EDUCOM’S sale, Mr. Moffat led EDUCOM to establish a global network of approximately 70 resellers, representing 100+ certified technicians and 200+ sales people. Mr. Moffat was able to successfully build a global client list of over 800 clients, many of whom are industry leaders in their own right. He strategically aligned himself with industry giants, such as IBM and Microsoft, as well as working with a number of Global 2000 companies.

Mr. Moffat is committed to working closely with the community. His experience includes: supporting programs through the YWCA, having served on the board of directors of OCRI, CATA, Ottawa Software Cluster and SCOAP (a Division of CATAAlliance). Through his leadership, dedication, and creativity, Mr. Moffat made a positive impact on the information and communications technology industry while serving in the Canadian Forces. Since his retirement, he has continued to work with Governments and industry on how to leverage information technology to assist in restructuring business processes, distribute accountability, exploit information management, and empower users.