Cloud tiering with HubStor

Manage storage growth while protecting file server data from ransomware.


Optimize storage costs on-prem and in the cloud

HubStor’s seamless storage tiering virtualizes low-touch, inactive data taking up space in your primary storage.

Define policies to automatically tier older data to the cloud based on your business needs.

The best part? Users and applications continue to see and interact with the tiered data with no disruption.

The root of the storage problem

What makes storage expensive, backup so painful, and refreshes and migrations such a nightmare?

Inactive data. Typically, only a small percentage of your data is active. In fact, only 30 days after creation, most data isn’t accessed again.

But imagine what would happen if you move all that inactive, low-touch data sitting in your primary storage to the cloud?

Cloud tiering with HubStor optimizes existing backups, gains back capacity, defers spending on new storage, and streamlines future upgrades.

HubStor’s enterprise cloud tiering is a policy-based approach to securely & seamlessly integrate the cloud with your on-premises storage.



Set policies to give you control over what data tiers to the cloud and when.

Seamless recall

Recall tiered items without disruption when a user or application accesses them.

Local caching

Configure local caching to optimize retrieval speed and limit recalls to the cloud.

Rapid recovery & migration

Virtualize files for a fast recovery or migration without having to rehydrate full copies.

Storage reduction

Shrink long-term data storage needs with deduplucation and compression.

Activity monitoring

Optimize tiering policies with activity intelligence of egress activities from the cloud.

Automated Cloud Tiering Software

Optimize cloud storage tiering

Ingenious, simple cloud tiering design

Windows, CIFS, NFS? No problem. HubStor’s patent pending storage tiering is easy to deploy and works with any network storage appliance or protocol.

There are no risky network layer intecepts and no client software.

  • Leverage data virtualization in recovery and data migration scenarios with HubStor’s export utility.
  • Migrate or refresh hardware by ghosting the data in a new location.
  • Deliver rapid recovery time objective (RTO) from a cloud backup without a hit on your network connection.
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  • "HubStor lets you pay only for what you use and pull it out without a penalty if you don't want to use it anymore. That's pretty unusual because vendors normally are looking to lock people in. They're [HubStor] trying to help you minimize the volume of data stuffed into your high-cost primary storage by using policies to manage it out to Azure."
    JIM WHALEN, SR. ANALYST, Taneja Group


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