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Cloud tiering for Windows Server

Protecting and managing your data on Windows Server infrastructure has never been easier.

The root of the Windows Server storage problem

What makes storage expensive, backup so painful, and refreshes and migrations such a nightmare?

Inactive data troubles

Typically, only a small percentage of your data is active. In fact, only 30 days after creation, most data isn’t accessed ever again. HubStor helps you solve this problem without the need to deploy new hardware.

Cloud tiering with HubStor optimizes existing backups, gains back capacity, consolidates your Windows Server needs, and streamlines future upgrades.

Here is how it works

Are you ready? Within no time you can be up and running with HubStor’s seamless storage tiering for Windows Server environments. If you are considering Azure File Sync and are curious how HubStor compares, check out HubStor vs. AFS.

Seamless recall

Users continue to see data through the use of offline files that provide a seamless recall when clicked.

Advanced policies

Deterministic policies give you complete control over how and when data tiers to the cloud.


Local caches let you optimize recall performance for frequently accessed items while minimizing egress from the cloud.


Bandwidth throttling rules give you the flexibility to limit how much of your pipe is used when bulk syncing changes.

Storage savings

Inline dedupe and compression delivers savings between 25-60%, and in HubStor you pay only for what you use.


In motion and at rest, your data is always encrypted.


Drive shipping lets you fast track the seeding of a large data backlog. HubStor syncs up access rights and timestamps for any drive-shipped data sets.

Transform file management forever

When you use HubStor to protect and tier Windows Server data, you unlock powerful file management capabilities that transform your Windows Server infrastructure for good.

Step into modern simplicity

  • Virtualize data in a recovery or storage migration scenario for rapid RTO and transfer without physical data migration.
  • Safeguard against ransomware with immutability and encryption.
  • Transcend technology and location barriers if you ever need.

Speak to a technologist

Assess your Windows Server storage usage with our free File Storage Analyzer

Unsure of what’s out there in your Windows Server environment? You’ll probably be surprised. Old files. Unheard of file extensions. Content not accessed in years.

FREE DOWNLOAD: File Storage Analyzer

  • Specify a file path to scan.
  • Receive insights about your storage footprint.
  • Deliver reports to help make decisions about tiering policies.

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Start cloud tiering your Windows Servers

Don’t boil the ocean on this one. Start small with some quick wins.

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