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Backup data in VMware vSphere 

VMware vCenter and ESXi API-based data protection and archive with HubStor. 

Backup and archiving for VMware vSphere 

Organizations desire the extra safeguard of a secure, segregated backup of the data from their mission-critical applications running on virtual machines on VMware vSphere. Request demo. 

Reliable backup

Seamless integration with the VMware vCenter Server API easily maintains a synthetic full backup of your virtual machines, the data within them, and their configuration. Perform backups at the data center cluster, host or individual VM levels. 

Instant flexible recovery

Restore data from files residing in the file system of the virtual machine’s Guest OS. Restore the entire VM to the original virtual machine, any other existing virtual machine, or to a new virtual machine created by the restore job.

Full control

You set your backup policies and permissions, at the level that works for you – data center, cluster, host, or per VM. You can store backups in the cloud region of your choice, giving you full data residency control. 


HubStor’s BaaS will automatically find all VMs at the level you’re setting backup policies for, so you don’t have to. Any newly-created virtual machines will be discovered and automatically protected.

Enterprise security

Secure storage for your backup data residing in a dedicated, SOC 2 compliant instance of HubStor’s data management platform, using end-to-end encryption. 

Experience modern backup for modern virtual environments

With HubStor Backup-as-a-Service, you only set up a local cache for you most recent backup set, and HubStor does the rest. 

How HubStor out-performs other approaches to backup: 

  • HubStor keeps a copy of your most-recent backup set locally for fast recovery (low RTO). 
  • All backup sets reside within your organization’s HubStor tenant, encrypted in the cloud. 
  • Optionally use the low-cost Archive storage tier in HubStor for long-term retention of your backups at $0,003 per GB monthly cost. 
  • HubStor cloud storage ensures three synchronous replicas of your data 

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Experience modern backup built for modern vSphere environments

Older and legacy backup platforms don’t always treat virtual machines as virtual machines. They often don’t include VM-specific features. 

How HubStor enhances your vSphere backup and recovery 

  • HubStor backup for vSphere is agentless  there’s no need to install backup software on each and every virtual machine 
  • HubStor backup jobs have zero performance impact on virtual machines. 
  • Granular control of backup policies – configure at the data center, cluster, host, and individual level—the same hierarchy used in vCenter. 
  • HubStor vSphere backup finds all virtual machines automatically, providing a huge time saving during initial deployment. 
  • Autodiscovery keeps running and will find newly-created virtual machines and provide data protection for them – no need to worry about new VMs being unprotected. 
  • During backup, HubStor captures the VM and all its associated files, including NVRAM, VMDK, and VMX files, backing up the VM’s data and its configuration. 
  • Backup data is deduplicated and compressed as it’s stored, making the HubStor solution even more cost-effective. 

Recover from accidental or malicious deletions within vSphere VMs

Data loss within your vSphere environment can easily cause downtime for your mission-critical applications. You need fast and reliable restore options to support your organization.

Optimize cloud storage

On-demand recovery

Restore select files or folders within a VM’s Guest OS, or the entire virtual machine to its original location, an alternate location, or export externally. 
15 min to deploy

Time and space efficiency

HubStor takes advantage of vSphere’s Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to minimize bandwidth and space usage.
Archive as a service

Optimal fidelity

Maintain versions of the virtual machines and their configurations. This lets you recover previous versions. 
Manage cloud storage

Flexible point-in-time recovery

Perform non-destructive restores using HubStor’s point-in-time recovery capabilities, easily retrieving the specific data you want. 
Office 365 that scales

Enterprise-grade scalability

vSphere implementations tend to increase in scale – you need a data protection solution can scale with you. HubStor has no limit on backup storage. 

The safe play against ransomware

Malicious actors are getting smarter — many know how to circumvent legacy backup technologies.

Here’s how HubStor protects you:

  • Your local backups are also stored in the cloud, encrypted.
  • The cloud copy resides on immutable object storage.
  • And HubStor maintains an additional segregated copy in the cloud also.
  • You can recover virtual machines instantly in the cloud or on-premises.

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Sleep better with a truly-segregated backup of your vSphere VMs

It’s only a true backup if you own it, have full control over it, have full access to it, and it is completely decoupled from the primary data.

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