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Video storage solution

Leverage the cloud for convenient video storage with HubStor.

Scalable, video-ready cloud storage

Have video content that needs archiving? The cloud offers reliable, offsite storage that is both scalable and cost efficient.

HubStor connects the dots for video

The HubStor cloud data platform gives you the tools you need to leverage the cloud for video storage.

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Video cloud storage


Large files? No problem. HubStor optimally transfers and stores your data into your own private instance. HubStor resumes any uploads or downloads that are interrupted.

Inline media player

Use the HubStor Admin Portal and User Portal to peruse your data and view content with an inline media player.

Data integrity

Preserve video in its original format with complete metadata, including hashing and data integrity validation to ensure full fidelity of your video files.


Simplify with built-in synchronous redundancy that maintains three self-healing copies of your video content.


Encrypt your video data with AES-256 encryption at rest.

Azure Data Box

Use drive shipping instead of pushing large amounts of video data to the cloud over your Internet connection. We’ll help you use Azure Data Box options to expedite the seeding process.

Reduce video storage costs with cloud archiving

For data that you want to keep for years, but won’t be accessing frequently, we recommend using HubStor’s ability to tier data in the cloud to tape.

Shrink your video storage costs

  • 90% reduction to storage prices.
  • Data is still indexed so you can navigate and query it without needing to rehydrate it.
  • Legal hold and retention policies can be applied as normal.

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Cloud-based video storage and archiving

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