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HubStor versus Veeam

It’s time your backup was simple and affordable.

Long-time Veeam user?

We get it. You’re mostly happy with Veeam. It’s reliable.

But there’s a but, isn’t there? You don’t use most of the features, the user experience is rough at best, and Veeam’s pricing is downright oppressive. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Simple Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) architecture
Easy-to-understand pricing that doesn’t cost a fortune
Pay-as-you-go, no long-term commitment
Turn-key 3-2-1 data protection solution
Intuitive admin and monitoring that isn’t cluttered with features you don’t use
Platform technology that extends to Office 365 backup, content archiving, file system tiering, compliance, and more

Assumptions: 1) All models have 800 GB storage per VM, 2) Veeam figures for 1-Yr licensing and estimated $0.03/GB/month storage cost, 3) HubStor figures based on Cool storage tier, and 4) HubStor pay-as-you-go pricing is annualized.

HubStor’s simple pricing

Backup that is easy to understand and doesn’t break the bank.

Win-win pricing:

  • Pay-as-you-go.
  • No term commitments.
  • Small monthly baseline compute cost plus post-compression storage cost.
  • No counting VMs, hosts, CPUs, etc.
  • No user licensing for Office 365 backup.
  • No additional costs.

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Top reasons to make the switch to HubStor

Backup really should be convenient and affordable.

Simple pricing, less cost

Stop paying exorbitant amounts for your backup solution.

Complete 3-2-1

HubStor Backup-as-a-Service delivers the full 3-2-1 data protection architecture without you having to think about it.

Features you need

Instead of a complex user interface cluttered with features you don’t use, HubStor delivers a streamlined user experience.

Streamlined monitoring

With HubStor, setting backup policies and monitoring the status of backup and restore jobs is straightforward.

Office 365 backup that scales

We’ve heard the horror stories of Office 365 backup that can’t perform or scale. With HubStor, in addition to protecting file shares and VMs, our backup for Office 365 gets the job done, at any scale. More

Platform architecture

HubStor is a platform play that takes you beyond VM backups. Transform file storage. Deliver journaling and compliance. Modernize content archiving. Protect data in PaaS and SaaS services too.

Backup-as-a-Service delivery model

Get out of the weeds with Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS). HubStor is a true SaaS backbone with the flexibility to be fully managed while hosted in your cloud account.

Dawn Armstrong

Director of IT, Virgin Hyperloop 

Sven Van Roeyen

System Engineer at DEME Group



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