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Cloud tiering

Manage file system storage growth while protecting file data from ransomware.

Minimize on-premises storage costs

Gone are the days of allowing low-touch and infrequently accessed data to pile up on expensive primary storage.

Define policies to tier older data to the cloud automatically based on your business needs.

Your users and applications continue to see and interact with the tiered data, and you can organize data growth for a smarter IT budget.

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    Cloud-enable your file storage infrastructure

    HubStor provides policy-driven storage tiering at any scale, for all your file storage infrastructure.

    Windows Server

    Deliver seamless cloud enablement of your Windows Servers. More

    Linux/Unix-based storage

    Protect and manage file storage in Linux and Unix-based file systems. More

    File Storage Analyzer

    Use HubStor’s free file analysis utility to understand your file storage. More

    Cloud tiering is simple and effective

    The storage vendors love it when your data growth piles up on primary, forcing you to procure larger amounts of storage each refresh cycle.

    Break the storage growth cycle

    • Offload data to the cloud that clearly isn’t active.
    • Pay only for what you use with inline deduplication and compression savings.
    • Streamline data recovery and storage migration scenarios.

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