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Consume tape in the cloud

Leverage tape via the cloud with HubStor’s Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS).

Free yourself from legacy tape methodologies

The old-school approach to leveraging tape costs you precious time.

Sound familiar?

  • You deal with your tape library and some archaic interface for writing data to tape.
  • You handle tape media and have a contract for it to be stored offsite.
  • You don’t have good visibility or control of your tape archives.
  • For long-term retention, you need to deal with rotating the tape media.
  • You hope there’s never a legal scenario that requires you to perform discovery on the data stored on tape.

The problem is that this model is an administrative burden, eating up your time and attention.

Get modern tape simplicity via the cloud at competitive prices

The HubStor Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution gives you modern convenience to consume tape in the cloud for fully-burdened pricing as low as $0.003 per GB monthly. HubStor writes your backups and other data to the cloud’s Archive tier (physically tape in the cloud), and HubStor does the job of simplifying how you manage and recall the data you need.

How HubStor simplifies tape:

  • HubStor automates data flow from your infrastructure into the cloud’s tape tier.
  • A metadata index in the cloud gives you full visibility of your data.
  • Full-text indexing can even be applied, giving you content search of the data on tape.
  • Data governance features give you control to manage retention, tagging, and chargeback in place.
  • HubStor enables pinpoint access to your data — recall just the files you need.

Upgrade from managing tape yourself to a simple cloud data platform

Do-it-yourself tape
Simple Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) architecture
No need to handle tape physically
No worry about rotating media
Seamless offsite storage that is yours
Complete index gives you full visibility into your data
Intuitive admin and monitoring to perform item-level and bulk recalls
Data governance features to manage retention, legal holds, deletion, and classification in-place — no need to retrieve the data to manage compliance

Tape backup capabilities you need without the heavy lifting

HubStor takes you out of the weeds of tape and gives you a simple solution for leveraging tape in the cloud for long-term retention.

15-mins to deploy

Be up and running with the agentless HubStor Connector Service and/or HubStor Backup Service in 15 minutes, enabling you to begin reliable protection of your VMs or capture of your existing data and backup sets.

Large file handling

Breeze through multi-terabyte files, no problem. HubStor takes care of getting your data — no matter what it is — into the cloud’s tape tier.

Ingestion methods

Migrate large datasets over your network with encryption, compression, and throttling, or alternatively leverage drive shipping to seed massive amounts of legacy data.

Reliable storage

Preserve backups in HubStor with storage economics as low as $0.003 per gigabyte monthly based on actual storage size after compression savings.

Full encryption

Enjoy AES 256-bit encryption both in flight and at rest, ensuring your data stays private.

Carl Bonvini

Director, Information Technology Network & Security 
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