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Replace StorSimple with HubStor

Get the scalable cloud tiering you love with more capabilities and less cost.

StorSimple to HubStor

StorSimple migration without egress

Switching from StorSimple to HubStor is easy.

There is no expensive egress of your data that impacts your budget or pulls StorSimple data down from the cloud over your network connection.

Migrate and replace StorSimple in four simple steps:

  • HubStor leverages a StorSimple virtual appliance in Azure to capture the cloud portion of your StorSimple data set.
  • HubStor preserves file directory structures, timestamps, and access controls.
  • With all data captured from StorSimple, HubStor presents the data set in the cloud or on-premises virtually for users or apps.
  • Refactor apps to use the new file path, and HubStor delivers backup, tiering, and archival going forward.

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Replace StorSimple without disruption

Are you ready? Within no time you can be up and running with HubStor’s storage tiering.

Seamless recall

Users continue to see data through the use of offline files that provide instant recall when clicked.

Advanced policies

Deterministic policies give you complete control over how and when data tiers to the cloud.


Local caches let you optimize recall performance for frequently accessed items while minimizing egress from the cloud.


Bandwidth throttling rules give you the flexibility to limit how much of your pipe is used when bulk syncing changes.

Storage savings

Inline dedupe and compression delivers savings between 25-60%, and in HubStor you pay only for what you use.


In motion and at rest, your data is always encrypted.


Drive shipping lets you fast track the seeding of a large data backlog. HubStor syncs up access rights and timestamps for any drive-shipped data sets.

Meet next-generation cloud storage

StorSimple is almost a decade old and it’s seen little investment in the latter half of its history. For a cloud technology, that makes it ancient.

Why you should switch from StorSimple to HubStor

  • Solves your storage tiering issues on a unified platform that includes backup and archiving.
  • Offers compliance, data governance, and data privacy features.
  • Includes content search for legal discovery and user productivity.

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Assess your StorSimple appliances with HubStor’s File Storage Analyzer

Unsure of what’s out there in your StorSimple appliances? You’ll probably be surprised. Old files. Unheard of file extensions. Content not accessed in years.

FREE DOWNLOAD: File Storage Analyzer

  • Specify a file path to scan.
  • Receive insights about your storage footprint.
  • Deliver reports to help make decisions about tiering policies.

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