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Backup for SaaS apps

Without a backup that you own and control, your SaaS data is at risk.

Simplify SaaS Backup with HubStor 

Organizations are becoming more dependent on SaaS applications as part of their mission-critical workflows. Your data in these applications is vulnerable to loss. Without a backup that you own and control, all of your SaaS data is at risk. 

SaaS backup solutions

Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

Full data protection for all your Microsoft 365 data that easily scales as the data grows. HubStor’s BaaS includes full support for Microsoft 365 Geo-Location controls. Sleep easier knowing that all your data is protected. More

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SharePoint backup

Microsoft 365 has become one of the fastest-growing collaboration platformsReliable backup and recovery of all contents in SharePoint are essential – HubStor makes it simple. More

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OneDrive backup

Microsoft 365 has become one of the fastest-growing collaboration platforms. Reliable backup and recovery of all contents in OneDrive are essential – HubStor makes it simple. More

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Teams backup

HubStor offers API-based Backup-as-a-Service for Teams that provides message capturefast recoveryand enterprise-grade securityOur data retention policies and easy-to-use legal hold help ensure regulatory compliance. More

SaaS backup solutions

HubStor provides backup and recovery for multiple enterprise SaaS apps.

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Google Drive backup

Enterprise adoption of Google Workspace is growing, and it comes with the need for organizations to have a segregated backup of their data that they own and control. More

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Box backup

Data loss within Box can happen easily. HubStor provides a fully-managed backup and archive solution for Box, this is seamlessly integrated with the Box API. More


Slack backup

Slack has become a collaboration and messaging tool for many enterprises. Automatically capture all changes in your workspaces, channels, conversations, and files. More

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