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Backup and archive data in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 API-based data protection and archive with HubStor. Organizations desire the extra safeguard of a secure, segregated backup of their cloud data residing in software-as-a-service applications like Teams.

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HubStor backup for Microsoft Teams 

Many organizations have selected Teams as their main form of communication and collaboration. Over the past year adoption of Microsoft Teams has more than doubled. It’s easy to see why protecting its data is essential. If your business processes or workflow relies on Teams, it’s important that you can not only recover quickly from any data loss but that you also remain in compliance with any regulations that cover those communications. 

Microsoft Teams backup and archive that scales 

Most users think that once a message scrolls off the top of their Teams window it’s gone forever. Your organization can’t afford to have that happen, as that could well violate one of the regulations you need to comply with, e.g. FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc. These regulations apply to any electronic communications, so you need to ensure that you’re capturing not just the chat messages, but also all attachments and recordings of Teams meetings. HubStor’s solution captures and stores all this data. 

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Teams backup

Reliable data protection for Microsoft Teams 

Organizations need the extra safeguard of a secure, segregated backup of their cloud data that resides in software-as-a-service applications like Microsoft Teams. Request demo

Reliable backup

Reliable Backup

Pay-as-you-go. No term commitments. No lock in.
Instant flexible recovery

Instant flexible recovery

Restore data in bulk or only the files you specify. Restore data to its original or an alternate location. Use point-in-time recovery to restore previous versions of your files in Teams. 
Archive Teams

Archive everything

HubStor’s solution will capture all messages, attachments, recordings, and anything else in Teams, automatically enforcing the data retention policies that you set. 
HubStor's simple user experience

Full control

You set your backup policies and permissions, as well as the hosting cloud region, giving you full data residency control. 
Provide data protection across all of your file storage infrastructure

Enterprise security

Secure storage for your backup data residing in a dedicated, SOC 2 compliant instance of HubStor’s data management platform, using end-to-end encryption. 
Teams backup

How HubStor’s backup for Teams works 

HubStor runs a fully-managed and dedicated backup and archive environment for you, as a service. HubStor connects to Microsoft 365 and routinely captures changes, on an hourly or nightly basis. Your backup data is stored compressed, encrypted, and retained in the cloud region of your choice.

Sleep better at night knowing: 

  • Your data is protected with backup and archive in a single-tenant cloud instance. 
  • You have unlimited retention and full access to the data 24/7/365. 
  • Your data is protected against theft by encryption and against alteration by immutable storage. 
  • HubStor supports Microsoft 365 Geo-Location controls, making compliance with any regulations about data sovereignty simple.  

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Recover from accidental or malicious deletions within Teams

Data loss within a SaaS application like Teams can happen easily. You need reliable restore options to support your organization. Request demo

Archive as a service

On-demand recovery

Restore select message, attachments, or all the data from a specific user or group to its original location, an alternate location, or export externally. 

Optimal fidelity

Maintain versions, notes, and tags on items you restore. 
15 min to deploy

Flexible point-in-time recovery

Perform non-destructive restores using HubStor’s point-in-time recovery capabilities, easily retrieving the specific data you want. 
Office 365 that scales

Enterprise-grade scalability

Teams and all Microsoft 365 applications allow you to scale your data without limit – you need a data protection solution that scales, tooHubStor has no limit on backup storage. 

HubStor provides optimal backup and archive for Teams 

HubStor provides enterprise-grade data protection, scalability, compliance, and security. Additionally, HubStor creates transcriptions of all video and audio files it captures, adding them to its content indexing. This means you can use HubStor to search all your data – including anything in the recordings – all from a single unified management console. 

Sleep better with a truly-segregated backup of your Teams data 

It’s only a true backup if you own it, have full control over it, have full access to it, and it is completely decoupled from the primary data. 

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