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Cloud-based message journaling

Deliver highly-scalable journaling for email and instant messaging with reliable, fast discovery search, running as a fully-managed SaaS solution.

Journaling that runs in the cloud

Get unprecedented performance and simplicity for your search and discovery needs. HubStor’s cloud-scale search runs complex queries that return millions of results in just seconds!

Search for custodians that map to multiple SMTP addresses. Restrict queries using sender/recipient, BCC, message class, sent date, subject. Use keywords, phrases, and regular expressions in the message body and attachments.

HubStor lets privileged users conduct investigations, place users and groups on legal hold, manage cases, and save searches.

End users can also perform secure self-service search.

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    Multi-platform messaging feeds

     HubStor delivers the capabilities you need for reliable capture, indexing, preservation, and export of your messaging data from the leading email and messaging platforms.

    For Google G-Suite

    HubStor delivers highly-scalable journaling with reliable, fast discovery search, running as a fully-managed SaaS solution for Google G-Suite. More

    For Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Server

    Your centralized email repository for Office 365 and Exchange compliance and legal discovery More

    For instant messaging

    Multi-platform message journaling, archival, and search. HubStor journaling supports a variety of instant messaging and communications channels. More

    Beautiful interface for running searches, setting legal holds, and managing cases

    With HubStor, you can provide your Legal team with a simple, intuitive interface for conducting discovery searches and data privacy audits.

    Battle-hardened search

    Complex searches with hundreds of terms? Large data set with hundreds of millions or even billions of items? No problem.

    Lee Sullivan

    Principal Systems Engineer, Monster Worldwide

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