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Journaling for all your instant messaging feeds

Deliver highly-scalable, compliant journaling for all of your instant messaging channels.

Multi-platform message journaling, archival, and search

HubStor journaling supports a variety of instant messaging and communications channels.

One solution to manage them all

Provide centralized storage, preservation, search, and data governance for many instant messaging feeds.

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    Meet HubStor’s technology alliance partners for IM capture

    Go beyond HubStor’s native connectors. Our technology partners expand your reach with their connector suites that link to HubStor via SMTP journaling and/or integration through HubStor’s API.

    VerQu Hydra

    VerQu integrates with HubStor to connect your internal and external communications channels to your HubStor tenant. Visit VerQu

    Globanet Merge1

    Globanet integrates with HubStor to capture and send content from various data sources to your HubSor tenant. Visit Globanet


    TeleMessage integrates with HubStor to capture mobile text, fax, email, and voice calls to your HubStor tenant. Visit TeleMessage

    Your centralized communications compliance platform

    HubStor delivers the capabilities you need for reliable ingestion, indexing, preservation, and export of all your messaging and communications data.


    Never miss a message. HubStor operates a highly available architecture that always receives, delivers, and stores your journaling mail flow.

    Fast searching

    Deliver content indexing at blazing speeds. Perform searches using custodian, date ranges, sender/recipient, custom attributes per IM channel, keywords that look into the message body and attachments, and more.

    Multi-channel optimizations

    HubStor’s object storage architecture includes a flexible metadata model, enabling you to inherit and index unique attributes from each IM feed. HubStor also gives you a logical segregation of each channel in your archive storage footprint so you can target searches and govern access controls.

    Legal holds

    With HubStor, you can place users or groups on legal hold, apply legal hold to searches, or set legal holds using comprehensive policies. HubStor’s lets you visualize all legal hold data with dashboards and a built-in content browser.

    Cases and exports

    HubStor includes the ability to create and manage discovery cases. Manage case permissions, apply legal holds, and save searches within a case. Cases have audit trails, and you can export case items to .PST files, a file path as EML, or directly to a mailbox in Office 365 or Exchange.

    No lock-in

    We’ve heard the horror stories: vendors making it difficult to get out. Not with HubStor. We never lock you in. It’s your data. You decide.

    Discover it for yourself

    Connect with us today to talk about how you can deliver a single cloud platform for secure storage, search, and retention of all your communications channels.

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