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Immutable storage for compliance retention

HubStor’s immutable, write-once-read-many (WORM) compliance storage is both convenient and secure. Whether it’s SEC, FINRA, MiFID II, FDA, or other enterprise-level regulatory compliance needs, HubStor has you covered.

WORM storage without compromise

WORM storage has traditionally been expensive and difficult to consume. But not any more.

Cloud-based WORM compliance

The HubStor cloud data platform provides enterprise organizations with a simple architecture for meeting WORM-compliance storage using modern cloud resources.

Whether it’s data from your on-premises file storage, such as ‘books and records’, scanned documents, sensitive data, call recordings, or other workloads, you can use HubStor to satisfy WORM storage requirements.

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Powerful WORM compliance

Retention policies

Apply retention periods with policies based on folders, data owner, access rights, security or record classification, and any item-level metadata.

Defensible immutability

Satisfy auditors with a strong compliance posture, demonstrating bullet-proof immutability of your data.

Data integrity

Preserve content in its original format with complete metadata, including hashing and data integrity validation to ensure full fidelity of your content.


Simplify with built-in synchronous redundancy that maintains three self-healing copies of your data.


Encrypt your data with AES-256 encryption at rest.


Report on and defend your record of compliance with immutable activity audit logs.

Modernize your compliance archiving strategy

Unlike legacy WORM archives, HubStor delivers an affordable storage solution that includes built-in content indexing and discovery search.

Audits and investigations

HubStor gives you the tools you need to breeze through audits, discovery requests, and investigations.

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Program Manager, Microsoft

Cloud-based WORM compliance archiving

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