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Migrate and replace EMC Centera with HubStor

HubStor is your one-stop solution for migrating your data from EMC Centera, and then delivering go-forward immutable archiving for compliance.

Simple EMC Centera migration

HubStor includes the migration software you need to move your data from EMC Centera, for any application, to the cloud.

Migrate your EMC Centera data with HubStor

  • Inherit WORM retention periods and legal holds.
  • Migrate clips directly in HubStor for full chain of custody.
  • Maintain core metadata values like last accessed dates.
  • Transfer all items and metadata regardless of the source app.

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Cloud-based EMC Centera alternative

Immutable storage for compliance archiving in the cloud is entirely possible with HubStor.

Reliable and scalable compliance storage

  • Deliver WORM storage for SEC/FINRA, FDA, HIPAA, and others.
  • Set, manage, and audit retention periods.
  • Perform content indexing and search for discovery, audits, and investigations.
  • Realize cost savings from the cloud’s Archive tier with a base cost as low as $810 per petabyte monthly.

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Simplify how you deliver compliance archiving

Taking advantage of the cloud is easy with the HubStor cloud data platform.

Subscription model

Pay-as-you-go. No term commitments. No lock in.

Infinite scalability

Petabytes of data? No problem. Multiple geographies? HubStor can scale up and out as you need.

Proven compliance

Satisfy the most stringent requirements for immutable storage, designated third party (D3P), auditing, and retention controls.

Cost efficient

Inline deduplication and compression reduce your storage footprint, while tiering policies help you take advantage of low-cost cloud storage designed for long-term retention.

Enterprise security

Enjoy multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, role-based access control, IP whitelisting, and single tenancy to achieve a strong security posture for your data.

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Replace EMC Centera with HubStor

You could migrate to Centera’s next generation solutions and experience more of the same, or switch to HubStor.

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