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Modern email archive

Deliver scalable email archiving on a true cloud SaaS platform

Discover the smart, new approach to email archives

Legacy email archiving
Single-tenant, PaaS-native, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture
Usage-based pricing that scales (with no use licensing)
Pay-as-you-go, no long-term commitment
Scalable indexing and search for eDiscovery that just works
No lock-in technology so you can get your data out without hassles
Platform technology that extends to Office 365 backup, VM backup, file system tiering, compliance, and more

Simple discovery and compliance for email archives

Not only does HubStor deliver indexing at lightning speeds, but your search queries come back with results in the blink of an eye.

HubStor search features include:

  • Keywords, phrases, proximity, boosting, relevancy ranking, Boolean, and more.
  • Hit highlighting within a message preview pane.
  • Saved searches which can be shared with your team.
  • True custodian search across disparate workloads.
  • Place searches on legal hold and export when needed.
  • Search using sender/recipients, sent date, message classes, and more.

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The email archiving capabilities you need without the lock in

Whether your email is currently sitting in mailboxes, PSTs, legacy archives, or is coming through SMTP feeds, HubStor has you covered.

Email-optimized storage

Email attributes flow into your HubStor environment, giving you policy controls and search using fields like subject, sender/recipients, sent date, and message class.

Indexing and search

Full-text indexing and search of messages, attachments, and metadata give you fast and reliable search capabilities.

Legal hold

Place email on legal hold from a search, or by user, or through a dynamic policy.

Reliable storage

Preserve email in HubStor with encryption at rest, synchronous redundancy, and in-cloud backup to a separate cloud region.

Data residency

Decide the cloud region to host all processing and storage of your email archives.

Reliable, fast export for email

On-demand email archive extraction at your fingertips

HubStor makes it easy to securely produce small and large email sets whenever you require. Large export jobs can be throttled. Emails can export directly to a mailbox in Exchange or Exchange Online, PST files, or as .EML files to a folder path.

Full spectrum email archiving in the cloud

Transition your legacy email archives and support new go-forward email archiving on one platform.

Fully-managed SMTP journaling

Message journaling that runs with high availability and data residency control for reliable capture of your messaging traffic.


Legacy migrations

TransVault works with HubStor APIs to migrate email from legacy archives directly to your HubStor tenant.

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Instant messaging

Globanet works with HubStor to capture instant messaging channels and legacy archives into your HubStor tenant. Visit Globanet

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