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eDiscovery data lake

Preserve, search, and manage data sets in the cloud with HubStor’s eDiscovery feature set

Put powerful discovery tools to use

Not only does HubStor deliver indexing at lightning speeds, but your search queries come back with results in the blink of an eye.

HubStor search features include:

  • Keywords, phrases, proximity, boosting, relevancy ranking, Boolean, and more.
  • Hit highlighting within a message preview pane.
  • Saved searches which can be shared amongst your team.
  • True custodian search across disparate workloads.
  • Place searches on legal hold and export when needed.

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Powerful discovery dearch

Your centralized data lake for reliable eDiscovery of your data

Mitigate your risks. HubStor delivers the capabilities you need to rapidly index and search large data sets, manage legal holds, and produce content in various formats.

Scalable indexing

Index content at blazing speeds. Make searchable the full content of files and emails, including full-text indexing of images, audio, and video data.

Legal holds

Place users or groups on legal hold, apply legal hold to searches, and set legal holds using comprehensive policies. Visualize all legal hold data with dashboards and a built-in content browser.


Create and manage discovery cases in HubStor. Assign users, save and share searches, and keep an audit trail of investigation and review activities.


Produce case items to .PST files, a file path, a cloud storage account, or directly to a mailbox in Office 365 or Exchange. HubStor also gives you options for exporting full metadata manifests.

Powerful queries

Run searches using wildcards, proximity, boosting, and Boolean operators. Use criteria such as custodian, folder, location, date ranges, item type, custom attributes, regular expressions, and much more.


View search results with high-highlighting and a content preview pane to make quick decisions about relevancy.

Audit trail

Keep track of user activities within each case. Produce audit reports of queries, holds, and exports.

What is an eDiscovery data lake?

A data lake is the pooling of multiple disparate workloads into a centralized data management framework, giving you the ability to preserve the unique attributes of each data set but search, analyze, and manage globally with a common set of tools.

HubStor indexes and manages all workloads

The architecture of HubStor delivers a simple data platform for you to govern a wide spectrum of content types. Everything from email, backups, genomics, video, voice calls, medical imaging, and more.

Steven Menmuir

Solutions Architect, Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited

Identity-aware discovery tools

HubStor does more than just index the content of your files and messages. Combining intelligence from your user directory through Azure AD and things like the ownership and access rights on folders and items, HubStor unlocks powerful capabilities to search and govern data by identity that you won’t find elsewhere.

Take discovery to the next level

  • Search by user or group across multiple content sources to get the full picture of access rights, including sources like file shares and SharePoint.
  • Leverage extended directory attributes to apply legal hold (e.g., department).
  • Generate logical boundaries within a data stream to govern discovery user permissions.

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Examples of HubStor’s battle-hardened eDiscovery capabilities at work

Customers use HubStor to streamline their discovery processes. Speak to a technologist

1+ billion items

A large customer has over one billion objects stored in HubStor, all of which is fully indexed and instantly searchable.

Multiple reviewers

Another customer has around 40 active cases they manage in HubStor at any time, with 12 active users performing searches, holds, and exports.

Discovery MSP

A technology alliance partner leverages HubStor for secure preservation of their clients’ legal hold data.

Reliable, fast export features

On-demand data extraction at your fingertips

HubStor makes it easy to securely produce small and large data sets whenever you require. Large export jobs can be throttled. Data can export directly to SharePoint, Box, S3, Azure, and other places that you decide.

Email export features you need

Output messaging data to a mailbox in Exchange or Exchange Online, PST files, or as .EML files to a folder path.

Discover it for yourself

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