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GDPR data privacy compliance

Meet data privacy compliance requirements with simplicity.

Data privacy violations can be costly and embrassing

HubStor provides a suite of data privacy capabilities to help you leverage your backup and archive content to meet data privacy rules like GDPR.

Respond to GDPR data subject access requests like a pro

Not only does HubStor deliver indexing at lightning speeds, but your search queries come back with results in the blink of an eye.

HubStor search features include:

  • Keywords, phrases, proximity, boosting, relevancy ranking, Boolean, and more.
  • Hit highlighting within a message preview pane.
  • Saved searches which can be shared amongst your team.
  • True custodian search across disparate workloads.
  • Place searches on legal hold and export when needed.

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Steven Menmuir

Solutions Architect, Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited

GDPR doesn’t have to be scary

We’ve been helping our customers respond to GDPR requests since it first went into effect.


Create cases to track your activities for each subject access request, giving you a defensible posture.


Interrogate your stored content using a wide variety of query parameters.

PII detection

Isolate and tag content containing private or sensitive data.

Actionable insights

Isolate the data set you need to produce, lock down, or delete.

Start having a strong GDPR compliance posture today

HubStor has what you need to meet the GDPR rules for data privacy.

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