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Universal, agentless storage tiering

The release valve to the cloud for your primary storage arrays.

The power of tiering your data

Straight CIFS presentation, NFS shares, proprietary file system? No problem. HubStor’s patent pending storage tiering is universally agentless, easy to deploy, and works with any network storage appliance or protocol.

There are no risky network layer intecepts and no client software.

If you can access it from Windows, HubStor can:

  • Apply policies to tier old, inactive data to free up space.
  • Maintain an incremental backup, syncing folder structures, permissions, and capturing new files and changes.
  • Give users a pointer to recall data in place from cool storage.

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Here is how it works

Are you ready? Within no time you can be up and running with HubStor’s storage tiering.

Seamless recall

Users continue to see data through the use of offline files that provide instant recall when clicked.

Advanced policies

Deterministic policies give you complete control over how and when data tiers to the cloud.


Local caches let you optimize recall performance for frequently accessed items while minimizing egress from the cloud.


Bandwidth throttling rules give you the flexibility to limit how much of your pipe is used when bulk syncing changes.

Storage savings

Inline dedupe and compression delivers savings between 25-60%, and in HubStor you pay only for what you use.


In motion and at rest, your data is always encrypted.


Drive shipping lets you fast track the seeding of a large data backlog. HubStor syncs up access rights and timestamps for any drive-shipped data sets.

Cloud tiering is simple and effective

The storage vendors love it when your data growth piles up on primary, forcing you to procure larger amounts of storage each refresh cycle.

Break the storage growth cycle

  • Offload data to the cloud that clearly isn’t active.
  • Pay only for what you use with inline deduplication and compression savings.
  • Streamline data recovery and storage migration scenarios.

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Assess your storage arrays with our free utility

Unsure of what’s out there in your storage infrastructure? You’ll probably be surprised. Old files. Unheard of file extensions. Content not accessed in years.

FREE DOWNLOAD: File Storage Analyzer

  • Specify a file path to scan.
  • Receive insights about your storage footprint.
  • Deliver reports to help make decisions about tiering policies.

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Small investment, big impact

Connect with us for a personalized pricing estimate to see if this can work for you.

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