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Backup for Azure Blob Storage

Deliver a segregated backup of Azure Blob Storage accounts to protect your data.

“Synchronous redundancy” is not a true backup

The Azure Blob Storage replication levels, RA-GRS included, increase resiliency and availability of data, but they do not protect against unwanted deletions.

With HubStor, you have a reliable backup copy

  • Synthetic full that captures changes every 15 minutes.
  • Separate copy of your data with segregation of duties.
  • Decoupled region, subscription, and storage tiers from primary.

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Reliable Azure Blob Storage backup

Safeguard your data from Azure Blob Storage accounts with HubStor. Request demo

True backup

Unlike replication, HubStor protects your data from unwanted deletions by maintaining a segregated backup copy of your data.

Region choice

With HubStor, you can have your backup reside in any Azure region, regardless of the hosting regions for your Azure Blob Storage account(s).

Tier decoupling

Your backup copy in HubStor can use any storage tier. Use the Archive tier at $0.00081/GB/month to reduce the cost of your backup storage .

Synchronize deletes

HubStor gives you control to synchronize deletes from primary into your backup with a set delay in days, immediately, or never.

Recovery at your service

HubStor can deliver recovery at any level.

Flexible recovery options:

  • Restores individual items or an entire account.
  • Uses metadata to optionally filter what’s in or out of scope in a recovery operation.
  • Runs non-destructive restores to the original Azure Blob Storage account.
  • Supports restores to alternate accounts in any Azure region.

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