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Backup, archive, and migration for data in AWS S3

Use HubStor to protect and manage data in your S3 accounts.

AWS S3 data protection with HubStor

Leverage your HubStor tenant to protect, recover, migrate, and archive your AWS S3 accounts. Request pricing estimate


Achieve a segregated backup copy of your S3 data in a separate cloud provider with HubStor.


Avoid the hassles of Amazon Glacier and use HubStor for long-term archival of data from S3.


Restore any data to an S3 container, including individual objects or bulk recovery operations.


Leverage your HubStor tenant to migrate data to and from your data sources and S3 accounts.

The next level with cloud data management

In addition to helping you protect and manage content from S3 accounts, HubStor provides you with a suite of data governance tools to help you meet compliance requirements.

Reduce corporate risk with:

  • Retention periods.
  • Immutable storage.
  • Legal hold.
  • Discovery search.
  • Role-based access control.

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