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Scalable, secure cloud archiving

Meet your archival requirements with HubStor

Your limitless cloud archive solution

The ultimate cloud archiving experience is here. With HubStor you can preserve multiple workloads securely at low cost without sacrificing agility and control.

HubStor combines military-grade security with the economics, elasticity, and convenience of the cloud, giving you unlimited access to a rich archiving experience without the hassles of operating the underlying infrastructure or getting locked in.

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    Cloud archival for any workload

    Archive your full spectrum of data types on a cloud data platform designed for scale and flexibility.

    eDiscovery data lake

    Streamline your discovery processes with a central framework for indexing, searching, and managing your data.

    Immutable retention

    Deliver Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) storage for security and compliance through the convenience of a cloud archive.

    Voice calls

    Migrate on-premises voice calls from NICE to HubStor. Use HubStor for compliance storage of Red Box Recorders.


    Migrate legacy email archives and .PSTs, and journal new mail flow to HubStor.


    Preserve video archives in the cloud at low-cost. HubStor has no file size limits and makes ingress and egress simple.

    EMC Centera migration

    Migrate your data from EMC Centera, and then simplify how you deliver go-forward immutable archiving for compliance.

    App retirement

    Retire your data from legacy apps and databases in a searchable, cloud archive.

    Cloud archiving versus legacy archive approaches

    When you think of archiving, do you think of complexity and lock in?

    It’s true: Archiving has traditionally been a pain. Earlier generation archival technologies had you embroiled in the details of managing gear and struggling to scale the application. Not to mention, the all-in cost was quite expensive when you factored licensing, infrastructure, and your time.

    Adding insult to injury, vendors of legacy archive products made it difficult to get your data out.

    HubStor redefines archiving for the cloud era

    Here is how HubStor gives you a fresh new approach to delivering archival for all your workloads.

    Legacy archives
    Easy, self-service bulk data extraction giving you the freedom to exit
    Flexible metadata model lets you inherit, search, and control your data using any attribute
    Infinite scalability lets you scale up and out to meet your organization’s growing data challenges
    Indexing and search that actually work as advertised
    Unlike private cloud archives, data sovereignty controls allow you to determine where your dedicated archive hosts in the cloud
    Economies of scale so that you can achieve better cost efficiencies as you scale and add more workloads

    Powerful data archiving

    Storage redundancy

    Your data is seamlessly replicated so that you never have to worry about rotating media again.


    End-to-end encryption keeps your data private at all steps of any data flow process.

    Storage savings

    Inline deduplication and compression reduce your storage capacity by as much as 60% of the original size.


    Near-real time policies let you sample rules and dynamically classify and manage data.


    Use built-in chargeback tags to attribute storage consumption and assign monetary value to data for financial reporting and billing models.


    Index and search data, including detection of sensitive and private data. Discover data inside of documents, messages, pictures, audio, and video.

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    Start archiving to optimize storage costs

    Everyone has data that needs to be kept for long periods, but won’t be accessed often.

    Reduce storage pricing without limiting access and agility

    Low-cost archival storage in the cloud has a base cost as low as $0.00081 per gigabyte monthly. That’s $810 for a petabyte of storage monthly!

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