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App retirement

Archive legacy application data with a SaaS cloud data platform.

Archive legacy app data

Custom applications? Databases? App data? Retiring legacy apps such that you maintain the data’s integrity and context outside of the application can be difficult. On the other hand, keeping legacy apps around forever isn’t an option.

Meet the HubStor cloud data platform

Object storage with a flexible metadata framework, with HubStor you can retire legacy app data into the cloud.

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Manage structured and unstructured data

Flexible metadata

HubStor is completely malleable to support any custom fields. Store files with their source folder structures, permissions, and attributes. Archive database records with all properties.

Data governance

Specify the attributes you wish to make available for use in data management policies like retention, indexing, and tagging.


Simplify with built-in synchronous redundancy that maintains three self-healing copies of your legacy app data.


Encrypt your video data with AES-256 encryption at rest.

Data integrity

Preserve app data in its original format with complete metadata, including hashing and data integrity validation to ensure full fidelity of your information.

Azure Data Box

Use drive shipping instead of pushing large amounts of legacy data to the cloud over your Internet connection. We’ll help you use Azure Data Box options to expedite the seeding process.

Reduce storage costs with cloud archiving

You may need to keep legacy app data for years, but won’t access it frequently. Workloads like this are ideal for the cloud’s low-cost Archive tier.

Shrink your IT infrastructure costs

  • 90% reduction to storage prices.
  • Data is still indexed so you can navigate and query it without needing to rehydrate it.
  • Legal hold and retention policies can be applied as normal.

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Indexing, search, and export tools

Not only does HubStor deliver indexing at lightning speeds, but your search queries come back with results in the blink of an eye.

HubStor search features include:

  • Keywords, phrases, proximity, boosting, relevancy ranking, Boolean, and more.
  • Hit highlighting within a message preview pane.
  • Saved searches which can be shared amongst your team.
  • True custodian search across disparate workloads.
  • Place searches on legal hold and export when needed.
  • Scope indexing using custom attributes.
  • Include any customer attribute in the search index to make it a searchable field.

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Powerful discovery dearch

Sven Van Roeyen

System Engineer at DEME Group



Retire legacy app data with ease

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