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A full suite of cloud data management solutions

Don’t manage your data in silos. Make it work for you.


HubStor solutions are driven by customers like you

Your IT infrastructure and data management doesn’t have to be messy. It should work for you.

Through working with our customers, HubStor’s cloud data platform has evolved to solve today’s backup and archival challenges. Our full stack of solutions let you:

  • Start small and expand as you need.
  • Support multiple workloads from a single platform.
  • Realize savings from economies of scale.
  • Maintain compliance.
  • Leverage the cloud to make your life easier.

When you have an easy, secure way of moving to the cloud, you have data management that makes your job easier.

HubStor cloud solutions

Stop the sprawl of point products

Data sprawl is real. And so is product sprawl. They are messy, inefficient, and hampering compliance and security.

With HubStor, you can manage all your backup and archival on a unified platform, in a cloud location of your choice, giving you the power to store, access, and protect the information you need. HubStor is engineered to reverse sprawl.


Reliable and simple backup for VMs, shared storage, SaaS apps and more.


Low-cost archival for multiple workloads with data governance and discovery controls.


Hybrid cloud storage to transform file systems with no disruption.


Scalable, fully-managed journaling for email and instant messaging.


Compliance storage and data protection solutions for any industry.

Avoid problems that come with do-it-yourself approaches

Let’s face it: Enterprise backup and archiving can appear easy on the surface, but they turn out to be monstrous undertakings to manage and monitor yourself. HubStor nails it with a simple platform that allows you to deliver for multiple solutions for on-premises and cloud workloads.

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Simple, secure cloud data management

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