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Flexible pricing model with built-in economies of scale

  • Consumption-based pricing

Pay only for what you use with storage costs based on usage after dedupe and compression savings.

  • Pay-as-you-go, no lock ins

Too many vendors operate like ransomware. At HubStor, we don’t hold you hostage. There are no term commitments. It’s easy to get your data out and cancel any time.

  • CAPEX and OPEX flexibility

Our default is monthly invoicing in arrears, but if you prefer CAPEX we have discounted prepay models and predictable enterprise licensing options.

  • Economies of scale and transparency

Single-tenant customers have full visibility into the cloud costs and HubStor margin. As you scale up (or out), pricing sharpens with built-in volume discounts.

  • No counting users, VMs, CPUs, or hosts for licensing

With HubStor, you are subscribing to a platform which gives you access to all of the capabilities. If you decide to take advantage of other capabilities, there can be cost associated by way of additional compute and storage, but never is there any additional paperwork or arbitrary licensing cost.


An introduction to HubStor pricing

Get a quick overview of how consumption-based cloud pricing works.

Companies that use HubStor

Virgin Hyperloop
York Hospital
Oxford Health Logo

Resources about pricing and storage costs