The HubStor cloud data platform

Simplify your storage infrastructure and protect your data with no need to add new hardware.

The HubStor cloud data platform uniquely converges backup and archive as a fully managed software service, giving IT powerful controls to manage data in the cloud. Legal and compliance gain reliable access to support the business. And security is dialed up to safeguard your information and brand from modern threats.

HubStor Platform

Streamline data protection with unified backup-as-a-service by HubStor. Use HubStor to backup the following:

  • VM backup — Backup and restore VMware vSphere environments (Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure VMs coming soon).
  • On-premises primary storage — Protect the data residing in file servers, NAS devices, SAN infrastructures, etc.
  • SaaS apps — Backup Office 365, Slack Enterprise, and Box.
  • PaaS cloud storage —  Protect and recover data in Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files, and AWS S3.
  • SQL Server — Simplify data protection for SQL databases (coming soon).
  • Secondary storage — Minimize disk and replace tape to provide long-term retention (LTR) and offsite protection of backup sets.

Take back control of IT storage infrastructure sprawl and reduce storage costs with archiving. HubStor helps you with:

  • Policies — Target data with policies that archive content automatically based on rules that you define.
  • Synchronization — Inherit file directories, data owners, access controls, and versions to maintain a consistent user experience.
  • Analytics — Visualize and interrogate your data to optimize the storage tier, run chargeback reports, and identify issues.
  • Storage economics — Take advantage of cloud archive storage economics as low as $810 per petabyte monthly.

Simplify storage migrations and manage data growth with HubStor’s cloud tiering, including:

  • Automatic, policy-driven capacity management — Apply rules automatically convert files into virtual pointers.
  • Familiar user experience — Provide a seamless recall of files from the cloud with virtual pointers in existing folder structures.
  • Local caching — Minimize repeat cloud recalls with local caching rules.
  • Flexible recovery & migration — Restore at any level in a directory structure using virtual pointers to deliver fast recovery and streamlined migration that avoids moving old data.

Run high-availability message journaling fully managed as an extension of your HubStor tenant, giving you an SMTP ingestion interface, including support for:

  • Multiple journal feeds — Capture mail flow from Office 365, on-premises Exchange Server, or any other messaging platform.
  • Email and instant messaging — Include feeds from dozens of instant messaging platforms too.
  • Data residency — Host the SMTP servers in any cloud region of your choice to respect data ownership and keep the entire message flow within boundaries that you define.

Find relevant content fast for legal discovery, data privacy requests, and business productivity. HubStor’s search unlocks the following:

  • Discovery searches — Create cases, search at any scale, review search results with preview and hit highlighting, manage legal holds, save searches and export cases.
  • End-user searches — Give users the ability to browse, share, and search their data securely in HubStor.
  • Private/sensitive data detection — Classify data with auto-tagging of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) — Index and search content from photos and PDF images.
  • Audio/video transcription — Transcribe media for searching what is said in video and audio files.

Manage disparate data sources–structured and unstructured–in a unified cloud data management framework with immutable WORM retention. Create a compliance data lake that includes:

  • Email archive migration — Migrate Enterprise Vault data directly to HubStor, or move data from various legacy email archives using HubStor partner TransVault.
  • Legacy app retirement — Archive any application data–including database information–with HubStor’s flexible metadata model that maps fields so you can manage and search your information true to the original app.
  • Voice recording storage — Capture voice calls with HubStor’s integration to Red Box Recorders, and migrate other voice data (e.g. NICE) using migration partners such as Wilmac.
  • EMC Centera connector — Migrate existing compliance data from EMC Centera with HubStor’s connector for Centera that captures content, inherits retention periods, and maps application metadata and directory structures automatically.
  • Website preservation — Preserve websites using HubStor’s native FTP/SFTP connectors.
  • Audit log retention — Retain audit logs in a searchable repository for as along as you need.

Simple, scalable, secure cloud data management

HubStor’s suite of connectors enable you to leverage back-end cloud storage securely for a wide spectrum of workloads, supporting data management and backup use cases with end-to-end encryption.

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“After an exhaustive review of the market, we found HubStor to be the cloud data management platform that best aligned with our requirements. HubStor’s robust data management gives us confidence that our data is protected and easy to manage.”

Dawn Armstrong, Director of IT
Virgin Hyperloop One

SaaS that works for your organization

Enjoy the security and flexibility of a single instance running in the cloud region(s) of your choice. Your compute and storage are isolated, so there’s no commingling of your data, you have assurance of data residency, and you get the flexibility to host in your account with the convenience of fully-managed SaaS.

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Security you won’t find anywhere else

HubStor is SOC 2 compliant and committed to maintaining the highest security standards and practices. Security and compliance are core elements to the HubStor model.

Learn more about HubStor’s security and compliance.

“HubStor has been a reliable solution, delivering protection of our Office 365 data, and supporting our litigation and GDPR requirements.” 

Steven Menmuir, Director of IT
Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited

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