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The platform that unifies backup and archive

Manage and protect your apps and data more efficiently without adding any new hardware. The HubStor platform is software, at your service.

One platform to safeguard your data and infrastructure

HubStor cloud data platform

Time to modernize backup and archive

Data is the life-blood of your business. It’s how you innovate, how you grow, and how you serve customers day-to-day.

HubStor gives you a unified SaaS approach to your backup and archival needs. With HubStor, you can:

  • Eliminate multiple legacy products.
  • Simplify data protection.
  • Reduce security risks.
  • Optimize your storage infrastructure.
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Simple, secure cloud data management

The HubStor platform provides a unique approach to enjoying the convenience of Software-as-a-Service.

You get the benefits of a fully-managed solution without sacrificing performance, security, data ownership, and control over your data. The HubStor cloud data platform includes:

  • Single-instance security hardening.
  • No commingling of data.
  • Data sovereignty.
  • SOC 2 Type II compliance.

Now you can leverage the cloud and have peace of mind with HubStor. 

Gerrit den Hoed

Infrastructure Architect, De Goudse N.V.

Stop the sprawl of point products

Data sprawl is real. And so is product sprawl. They are messy, inefficient, and hampering compliance and security.

With HubStor, you can manage all your backup and archival on a unified platform, in a cloud location of your choice, giving you the power to store, access, and protect the information you need. HubStor is engineered to reverse sprawl.

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Reliable and simple backup for VMs, shared storage, SaaS apps and more.


Low-cost archival for multiple workloads with data governance and discovery controls.


Hybrid cloud storage to transform file systems with no disruption.


Scalable, fully-managed journaling for email and instant messaging.


Compliance storage and data protection solutions for any industry.

Software at your service

Experience the simplicity of a fully-managed software service that puts all the pieces together.

Transform how you deliver backup and archival.

Modernize with cloud data management

Ditch legacy products that are leaving you exposed and overpaying. Connect with us to get started.

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