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Introducing the HubStor MSP Program

Grow your business with HubStor MSP

Backup as a service

Protect SaaS, PaaS, VMs, and file server workloads on a single unified backup platform. HubStor includes backup for Office 365, Box, Slack, Azure Blob Storage, AWS S3, VMware, and more!

Archive as a service

Help your customers meet legal and compliance requirements with email journaling, app retirement, file archiving, WORM retention, discovery search, and legal hold.

Recurring revenue

Grow your business by projecting a multi-tenant HubStor environment to your customer base, hosted in your CSP subscription, and enjoy recurring revenues.

Core benefits of HubStor MSP

As a managed service provider (MSP), you know that delivering reliable IT services requires a backup and archive strategy that protects your business while meeting the challenges of your customers.

HubStor MSP is a program that makes the HubStor cloud data platform available to MSP partners that wish to grow their recurring-revenue business with backup and archive as a service.

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    Ryan Ferrel

    CTO, Managed Solution

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