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HubStor Inc., the developer of data-aware archiving and cloud storage solutions, today announced it would be leveraging the multinational fiber network of Cogent Communications, offering enterprise clients additional options for their private, dedicated high-speed connections between Microsoft Azure and their on-premises infrastructure.

HubStor makes it easy for businesses to archive, protect, search, and access their unstructured data in the cloud with Microsoft Azure, which Gartner recently named a leader in the cloud infrastructure market for a third consecutive year in its Magic Quadrant for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) report.

Cogent delivers high-quality, low-latency Internet, Wide Area Ethernet and colocation services to enterprise customers with its facilities-based, all-optical IP network.

By working with Cogent, HubStor aims to provide its clients with additional options for dedicated connectivity. As the industry price leader and most peered network worldwide, Cogent is uniquely positioned to deliver enterprise quality IP connectivity with best-in-class global performance metrics.

“IT teams are finding it easier and more cost efficient to store and manage unstructured data on cloud infrastructure as opposed to adding and maintaining more and more infrastructure for data they know is low touch,” said Geoff Bourgeois, CTO, HubStor. “Clients enjoy HubStor’s low cost and simplified movement of data to and from the cloud, but this can place emphasis on having better connectivity.”

Cogent’s worldwide Tier 1 optical IP network is one of the largest of its kind, with direct IP connectivity to more than 5,700 AS (Autonomous System) networks around the world and over 75,500 Gbps internetworking capacity. Cogent’s undersubscribed network is IPv6 and MPLS enabled, and as a facilities-based carrier, Cogent takes advantage of full end-to-end control over its transport and routing technology to provide reliable and scalable service.


HubStor, the developer of the world’s first data-aware cloud storage solution, makes the cloud simple, safe, and searchable for businesses needing to protect, manage, and recover unstructured data. Delivered exclusively on Microsoft Azure, HubStor is a Microsoft partner and a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance. HubStor is headquartered in Canada and serves clients in the United States and Europe.




Elizabeth Lam, VP Marketing

HubStor Inc.

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