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HubStor Inc., the market’s first data-aware hybrid cloud storage solution, today announced that Delphnus Medical Technologies, Inc., the first company to design and manufacture a 3D whole breast ultrasound system that utilizes a dynamic new technique to image the breast with the use of sound and water, uses HubStor to securely archive unstructured data in the cloud.

Specializing in medical imaging development requires Delphinus Medical Technologies to generate and store large volumes of data, including both raw and processed data. The medical imaging files they must preserve, formatted to the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard, average three to four gigabytes in size.

HubStor’s software cloud enables storage for their two office locations, in Michigan and California, with deduplication across both sites. Delphinus Medical Technologies routinely archives large data sets into the cloud with HubStor and uses HubStor’s bandwidth throttling feature to control the network impact of ingress during peak and off-peak hours.

HubStor enables Delphinus Medical Technologies to avoid adding more capital-intensive storage infrastructure to keep up with the company’s storage needs, and there is now less data to backup on-premises. Delphinus Medical Technologies has used HubStor since September 2016. With 50 TB currently ingested into the HubStor service, they are seeing a 52% reduction in storage from deduplication and compression. Delphinus Medical Technologies anticipates ingesting another 100 TB into their HubStor tenant this year.

“With our unique requirements and the large amount of data we manage, local storage was not working and most cloud-based solutions were too expensive and cumbersome,” said Cia Hang, IT Manager, Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc. “HubStor provided us the advantages we needed: storage and access to large data sets across our office locations, scalable operations that meet our growing demands, and functional ease that is both convenient and secure.”

In the cloud, HubStor’s data-aware storage experience empowers the IT team at Delphinus Medical Technologies with analytics that allow them to understand and manage their storage footprint. In HubStor, all data, access rights, and activities are automatically profiled for on-demand insight. Storage savings from deduplication and compression are graphically displayed; ingress and egress activity are charted visually as well. Using HubStor’s chargeback feature, the IT team can now easily identify and report on storage demand related to different projects and retention requirements.


HubStor helps organizations leverage the cloud to transform their storage, archiving, search, and data protection processes in order to reduce costs and improve the security of mission-critical data assets. HubStor provides the world’s first and only data-aware hybrid cloud storage solution, run exclusively with Microsoft Azure, and available in a transparent pricing model without contractual or technical lock-in.

HubStor currently serves clients, large and small, across a variety of industries in the United States, Europe, and Canada. HubStor is a Microsoft partner and a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, and was recently selected by CIOReview as a ’20 Most Promising Azure Solution Provider in 2016.’

Download the full case study: HubStor Case Study – Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc.




Elizabeth Lam, VP Marketing

HubStor Inc.

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