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De Goudse, a leading Dutch provider of a wide range of financial products and insurance, recently selected HubStor to transform its data storage and protection with Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

De Goudse is on a mission to become the best business insurer in the Netherlands. Leveraging the cloud to help simplify IT operations and streamline data management is a vital step in realizing their mission.

De Goudse’s IT team began testing HubStor earlier in 2018. After several months of evaluating their use cases on the platform, the evaluation team at De Goudse decided to use HubStor for their cloud data management needs.

“Data is central to our business, placing a high degree of importance on finding the best solution that aligns with our IT objectives for the cloud, and our data protection requirements such data residency, data ownership, and security,” said Gerrit den Hoed, the Infrastructure Architect at De Goudse. “The HubStor platform simplifies our adoption of Microsoft Azure for protection of our unstructured data while adding a data management and security layer to the cloud which functions conveniently as Software-as-a-Service.”

With the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), De Goudse also optimizes their data management capabilities to meet new data privacy requirements with the use of HubStor. All data is identifiable, and analysis and search tools will help the privileged users at De Goudse to isolate relevant datasets, place them on hold, produce them, or delete them in a defensible manner.

Using HubStor, De Goudse is accomplishing the following benefits:

  • Reduced storage footprint by 50 percent with inline deduplication and compression.
  • Simplified data discovery and analysis with content indexing, PII detection, and discovery cases.
  • Enhanced data protection with erasure coding, geo-redundant storage, inline data integrity checking, and end-to-end encryption.
  • Optimized data mobility with the ability to use Windows as the presentation layer anywhere for managed datasets in Azure Blob Storage accounts managed by HubStor.

To learn more, check out the latest HubStor whitepaper by TechTarget: “Transforming Your Data Storage Strategy: The Smart Move to Software-Based Cloud Storage.

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