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ELGIN, APRIL 12, 2016 — Bishop Technologies, Inc., a leading IT solutions provider in archiving and Microsoft cloud technologies, today announced its partnership with HubStor Inc., the market’s first data-aware cloud archiving solution for businesses needing highly secure, searchable archiving for unstructured data workloads in the public cloud. HubStor is subscription-based archiving that delivers scalable data governance, eDiscovery, data loss prevention, user access, and cloud integration.

This new breed of cloud archiving solution is transforming how businesses preserve, understand, and manage their unstructured data. Unlike legacy archiving solutions that struggle to scale, are expensive, and specialize on messaging data, modern cloud archiving provides the governance, security, and user access features that scale for a variety of storage workloads with truly affordable price-points that are based on public cloud economics.

“Cloud storage is attractive to businesses that must retain large amounts of data for long periods, and wish to avoid the high costs associated with preserving low-touch and inactive data on expensive primary storage,” says Dale McVeen, CEO, Bishop. “We’re excited to leverage HubStor because public cloud storage on its own has security, compliance, and data management hurdles preventing many organizations from leveraging cloud storage for enterprise archiving.”

Bishop plans to leverage HubStor with client requirements that include:

  • PST Archiving and Legacy Archive Migration — We’re seeing enterprises fast adopt the cloud. But in this wake, legacy email archives and PST files present themselves as big question marks. Ultimately, clients want to transition these workloads to the cloud. With HubStor, Bishop will augment its existing data migration solutions with data-aware cloud archiving as the migration destination for legacy email.
  • File System Archiving — IT teams are seeing storage become the dominant line item in their budget. Primary storage arrays are an expensive means of preserving inactive and low-touch data. With HubStor, Bishop will enable clients to cloud-enable their existing file and block storage investments, and intelligently transition storage workloads to the cloud with policies.
  • Search-as-a-Service — Organizations often need to perform investigations and audits of their storage. In-house approaches to content indexing are known to be expensive. With HubStor, Bishop will connect clients with easy cloud-based search-as-a-service, enabling organizations to quickly and cost efficiently index and search unstructured data with the elasticity of the cloud.

Born in the cloud, HubStor is built on an innovative data-aware object storage design that scales across datacenter regions whilst maintaining central administration and data governance. Organizations of any size can now conveniently and securely perform advanced archiving and search with public cloud economics. The HubStor cloud archiving service consists of 5 core elements:

  • Cloud Integration — HubStor includes a software-only approach for extending primary storage arrays to the cloud, with connectors for policy-based synchronization of file systems and intelligent unpacking PST files.
  • Data Aware Object Storage — The scale-out storage platform in the cloud, each customer subscription is provisioned into a dedicated HubStor tenant that includes flexible metadata, de-duplication, security, and a near-real time policy engine.
  • Search — Each HubStor environment can have a search cluster added at any time. Content indexing is easily scaled up and down in the cloud to meet performance demands and keep costs low. HubStor also puts clients in control of search costs with the ability to manage the indexing scope with intuitive policies. Now it is possible to apply indexing only where search is specifically needed — by date ranges, content types, users, groups, and other criteria.
  • Data Governance — Built into the service are apps for analytics, eDiscovery, retention, and data loss prevention (DLP). HubStor provides role-based access control, activity auditing, and tagging policies for radically simplified control of corporate data at any scale.
  • User Access — Users are able to access their archives securely through HubStor’s Web-based access interface and/or optional file system stubbing. In the Web portal, users can browse, search, retrieve, and share both internally and externally based on security policies and access controls.

“After leaving the world of archiving for a few years to pioneer file analysis technology, both Greg [Campbell] and I are excited to be back in archiving and working with the experts at Bishop,” says Geoff Bourgeois, CEO, HubStor. “I think there’s a sea change happening in enterprise archiving, and we’re thrilled to be at the helm of changing the rules, knocking out complexity, and making archiving something that is truly affordable for businesses that need security, compliance, and eDiscovery that just work without much effort.”

The combination of Bishop’s managed services, data migration expertise, and HubStor’s data-aware cloud archiving deliver a complete archive storage transformation for any company looking to embrace the cloud.

“We’re excited to leverage HubStor because public cloud storage on its own has security, compliance, and data management hurdles preventing many organizations from leveraging cloud storage for enterprise archiving.”

— Dale McVeen, CEO, Bishop

About Bishop Technologies

Bishop Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Elgin, IL, specializes in Archiving, Data Migrations, Data Management and Cloud Infrastructure. We serve companies of all sizes in North America and have worked with nearly every industry in our 13 years of business. To meet clients’ growing requirements to cost-effectively manage, protect and leverage their data, our Solution Architects work with organizations’ stakeholders, in tandem with our Account and Project Management teams, to design and implement the best strategy. Our network of partners and vendors continue to evolve their technologies to bring the best on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions to the market. We add value to organizations’ information systems by providing innovative technologies, established processes, an experienced team, and high-quality managed services. Bishop consolidates your IT initiatives by offering a vendor-neutral and comprehensive strategy to manage your organization’s most valuable data. Bishop: Keeping Your Data In Check™.

About HubStor

HubStor, a B2B SaaS company and developer of the world’s first data-aware cloud archive, is for businesses needing to preserve unstructured data workloads in the cloud with greater security, control, search, usability, and compliance. Founded in early 2015, HubStor is partnered with Microsoft, serving enterprise clients in North America, Europe, Australia, and South Africa from Azure datacenter regions located around the globe. HubStor has patent-pending advances related to the security of writing data to cloud storage, managing data in the cloud, and making data available to users contextually.

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