Geoff Bourgeois - CEO

Geoff Bourgeois


Geoff is an enterprise software entrepreneur and visionary that loves working with customers and partners to produce innovation, outcomes, and lasting value.

Greg Campbell - CTO

Greg Campbell


Greg is an accomplished architect and product strategy leader with a passion for running quality development and customer experience teams.

Brad Janes - VP of Product Management

Brad Janes

VP of Product Management

Brad is an industry thought leader with an extensive background in virtualization, backup, storage, and enterprise data management.

Alex Hill - Director, DevOps

Alex Hill

Director, DevOps

Mr. Hill is an accomplished software engineering leader with a highly technical skill set.

Stephen Tuckwell - Director of Operations

Stephen Tuckwell

Director of Operations

Stephen manages operations and oversees quality assurance at HubStor.

Elizabeth Lam - VP, Marketing

Elizabeth Lam

VP, Marketing

Liz brings fresh ideas, creativity, and global market perspective to HubStor, where she leads HubStor's marketing initiatives.


Deborah Weinstein -

Deborah Weinstein

Debbie has 30 years of broad-based experience acting on behalf of emerging growth companies, established public and private technology businesses, venture capital funds, and investment bankers.

Andrew Moffat -

Andrew Moffat

Andrew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Keshet Technologies Inc. Since 2004, Keshet has assisted up-and-coming IT businesses and entrepreneurs with financing and strategic guidance.

Steve King -

Steve King

Steve King is a former president and CEO DocuSign, former CEO of Recommind, and former CEO of ZANTAZ.

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