Email journaling
for compliance & eDiscovery

Highly-scalable email journaling that deploys in any region — with reliable, fast search — running as a fully-managed SaaS solution.


Meet regulatory and legal requirements with HubStor’s Write Once Read Many (WORM) retention in any Azure datacenter in the world. HubStor can also serve as your designated third party (D3P) with attestation to the regulatory body about your compliance.


HubStor fully integrates with your identity and access management. Also included are data loss prevention, role-based access, encryption, immutable activity logs, PII detection, data integrity checking, and more.


We’ve heard the horror stories: vendors making it difficult to get out. Not with HubStor. We never lock you in. We’re that confident you’ll be happy with us.


Index content at blazing speeds. Perform searches using custodian, folder, keywords, and metadata. Save searches to a case. Sort results in various ways, including relevancy. See results with hit highlighting.


Place users or groups on legal hold. Apply legal hold to searches and create cases. Visualize all legal hold data and cases with dashboards and HubStor’s built-in content browser.


The cloud infrastructure scales up to meet your performance needs in a crunch, and can scale down to mitigate costs for long-term cold archiving.

Simple and reliable SMTP journaling that scales

email journaling solution

secure search that works

Search that just works

Get unprecedented performance and simplicity for your search and discovery needs. HubStor’s cloud-scale search runs complex queries that return millions of results in just seconds!

Search for custodians that map to multiple SMTP addresses. Restrict queries using sender/recipient, BCC, message class, sent date, subject. Use keywords, phrases, and regular expressions in the message body and attachments.

HubStor lets privileged users conduct investigations, place users and groups on legal hold, manage cases, and save searches.

End users can also perform secure self-service search.

Reliable, fast export features

Extract to PST, mailboxes, or anywhere you need

HubStor’s Export Utility makes data collection easy. Export cases, select folders, individual items, and even use metadata filters to scope your exports.

Output data to a mailbox in Exchange or Exchange Online, PST files, or as .EML files to a folder path.

email journaling solution
email archiving vs. email journaling

Multi-platform message journaling

HubStor journaling supports a variety of messaging and communications channels including Office 365, Exchange Server, Microsoft Teams conversations, and SMS/MMS.

Instant messaging capture can include journaling from Bloomberg Chat, Bloomberg Mail, Ice Chat, Salesforce Chatter, and more.


  • “We have more than 8,000 Exchange Online mailboxes journaling to HubStor, which runs fully managed in Monster’s Azure tenant.”
    Lee Sullivan, Monster Worldwide


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