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A reliable backup and archive solution for media

HubStor helps media, fashion, and entertainment companies store their important designs, project files, and production data.

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Your data is important

Working in media likely means two things: You generate large volumes of data as you grow your business, and your customer relationships are strengthened by you keeping project files for life. HubStor can help you keep costs in check while ensuring you have a secure, long-term storage solution for your data assets.

Cloud-optimize storage

Enhance your backup strategy while reducing your storage costs by leveraging HubStor’s cloud data platform.

Manage any data

Preserve large and complex data sets with complete integrity. HubStor makes it easy to find and access what you need.

Focus, as-a-service

Your strength in media requires focus, and you need reliable IT infrastructure to support your goals. HubStor’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach lets you focus on what matters.

Long-term data storage of media assets

Keep your information safe from ransomware, hardware failure, and other data loss threats. HubStor synchronizes, tiers, and protects your project files automatically and uses encryption and immutable storage to ensure your data is always there.

Structured projects archives

  • Synchronizes folders and permissions.
  • Provides an index to make data easy to find.
  • Includes chargeback reporting in case you need to storage costs to projects.

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