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A fresh approach to protecting and managing unstructured data in health

Improving healthcare by modernizing IT infrastructure

HubStor enables modern healthcare providers to leverage the cloud for better infrastructure agility, long-term archiving, and advanced data protection. Ending the cycle of unmitigated storage expansion on-premises and taking control of unstructured data starts now.

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Cloud-enable your PACS applications

Run lean-and-mean on-premises while providing the same level of data availability to PACS users. HubStor enables you to protect medical imaging data in a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. As studies age, HubStor virtualizes older datasets automatically to minimize your storage footprint, shrink backup, and limit the ransomware attack surface. Your PACS applications maintain complete access.

Cloud-optimize storage

HubStor cloud-enables your existing storage infrastructure so you can simplify backup and reduce your on-premises storage footprint — all while providing PACS applications the same data access.

Manage long-term retention

As data ages, manage it with HubStor to the optimal cloud storage tier using in-place analytics and sophisticated policy controls.

Deliver fast recovery

Recover massive file directories from the cloud in moments. Take data gravity out of the equation on storage migrations and restores.

Trusted by leading healthcare providers and medical device makers

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Protect your electronic health records

Radiology, digital pathology, studies with large numbers of files, DICOM images, device log files, email communications — Patient health information exists in various types. HubStor modernizes storage and management of all unstructured data workloads that are critical to your mission as a healthcare provider.

Patient-related data

Centrally manage content types in a specific manner with granularity under one unified system. HubStor’s flexible object-storage platform adapts to any type of unstructured data.

Mergers and acquisitions

Optimize mergers and acquisitions by securing information without delay. HubStor supports multiple directory providers so that identity and security can extend across all of your business entities.

Secure sharing

Working with partners to conduct remote sitting? Provide a third-party secure access as needed. HubStor integrates with Azure Active Directory and includes link-based sharing with security management controls and auditing.

Legal hold & data governance

Manage litigation hold and sensitive compliance data. HubStor includes legal hold, search, cases, OCR, audio/video transcription, and custodian data mapping so that you can identify, preserve, and collect data for eDiscovery matters.

Cia Hang

Director of IT, Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc.

Unlock cloud for the real-time health system

Make unstructured data your strength with HubStor.

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