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Helping governments with data security and protection

The modern threat landscape continues to evolve. Governments need to modernize their backup and data management to safeguard against ransomware, insider threats, and foreign actors.

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HubStor protects government with secure backup and archive

Simplify backup and archival with a secure cloud platform

HubStor provides a cloud data platform that is secure to help you safeguard your data assets. Request demo

Immutable storage

Store information with immutability to protect against ransomware and meet retention requirements for public records. More


Store low-touch and legacy data sets cost efficiently while freeing up space in primary storage. More


Modernize your data protection capabilities with HubStor’s Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution. More


Satisfy requirements for email journaling with a fully-managed SaaS approach that meets data sovereignty. More

Trusted by government organizations around the world

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Cloud storage ready for government

Use HubStor with confidence that your information is secure to the letter.

Government regions

Have your isolated HubStor tenant deploy into a government-dedicated cloud region.

GCC compliance

Meet GCC compliance with HubStor. More

Dedicated tenant

Provide unmatched cloud data management security with HubStor’s single-tenant deployment model.

Strengthen government data security and protection

Learn more about HubStor’s unified backup and archive platform for government.

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