Hybrid Cloud Storage

Meet the Smarter Approach to Cloud-integrated Storage

Hybrid cloud storage solutions can be expensive and they tend to lack key features in the cloud.

HubStor’s hybrid cloud storage approach defines a new standard. Our virtual cloud gateway lets you transparently sync and tier data to the cloud without disrupting users. You also do not need to reconfigure applications or add new infrastructure.

hybrid cloud storage

Cloud-optimize your storage footprint

Archive and backup reinvented with hybrid cloud storage

Leverage the cloud without lock-in to archive, manage, and protect unstructured data workloads.


The appliance approach, whether virtual or hardware, places adoption burden on you — managing new volumes, copying data around, reconfiguring apps to consume the new storage.

Cloud-enable your existing storage

Simple software replicates, tiers, and/or migrates data based on policies you define — without adding new hardware or disrupting users/apps — and locally caches to reduce cloud recalls.


Because HubStor works with the data in place, it captures and syncs the original folder structure, data ownership, item metadata, and security ACLs to the cloud along with your files.


Cloud storage gateways tend to be expensive and difficult to adopt. HubStor’s approach is light-weight, costs less, and doesn’t lock you in contractually or technically.


HubStor includes cloud data management so that you have retention policies, data classification, litigation hold, chargeback, WORM compliance, DLP, and more.


Other approaches perpetuate the dark data problem. Data-aware storage gives you the power to visualize and query what you have in the cloud, build policies, audit activity, and perform discovery for legal or regulatory needs.

Move Data to the Cloud Without Disrupting Users or Applications

Because storing inactive data on primary storage is expensive and risky.

hybrid cloud storage

hybrid cloud storage

Cloud-integrate Your Existing Storage Infrastructure

Unlike most cloud storage gateways, HubStor’s approach enables you to painlessly cloud-enable your existing storage investments. Our virtual cloud gateway installs in minutes and lets you use policies to tier data to the cloud while locally caching active items. Instead of a new storage mount point, you seamlessly tier data with folders and Security ACLs in tact — without changing the way your users and applications work.

Meet Data Governance in the Cloud

Cloud storage gateways lock you in to their appliance approach without data management. HubStor works with your existing storage investments — Windows, CIFS, NFS — and includes cloud data management and analytics that put you in the driver’s seat.

Data-aware storage

Tackle risk and prove compliance with always-on visualization of your data, policies, and entitlements.

Data classification

Identify and classify important content while using HubStor’s built-in data loss prevention policies to block unwanted activity.

Retention Management

Lock down information with WORM retention periods and manage the end of the content life cycle with defensible deletion.

Discovery Search & Litigation Hold

Search within your cloud storage. Create cases and place users, groups, folders, and search results on litigation hold. Export cases from the cloud as needed.

hybrid cloud storage
hybrid cloud storage

Track Project and Client Data

Go beyond the basics to understand data storage and preservation costs. Correlate and manage your information by business entities such as projects, departments, and clients with chargeback tags.

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  • “HubStor provided us the advantages we needed: storage and access to large data sets across our office locations, scalable operations that meet our growing demands, and functional ease that is both convenient and secure.”
    CIA HANG, DIRECTOR OF IT, Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc.