Searchable, Cloud-integrated Cloud Archive Storage

Unstructured data is expensive to store and manage, and performing discovery is difficult. HubStor CoolSearch puts that all in your past.

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Cool/Archive Storage

Synchronous storage redundancy with optional geo-replication and instant access retrieval at a low monthly cost per GB.

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Search as a Service

No licensing, and zero server and storage infrastructure for you to worry about. Built for scale with pay-as-you-go search economics.

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Fully Managed

Your data-aware archive is an isolated tenant, fully managed for you, and can even be deployed to your own Azure account.

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Cloud Storage with Search

Why we know you’ll love it

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Scale-out search instantly, and scale it back down when you don’t have performance demands.

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True Custodian Search

HubStor intelligently maps access rights from data sources and send/recipients from emails — along with correlation of multiple domains and aliases — to give you a true user/group search across your archive data.

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Policy-scoped Indexing

Use policies to intuitively target the data you want to index. Unlike other archives, you don’t have to index everything.

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Scalable and Fast

This isn’t your legacy on-premises archive search. HubStor delivers instant results even at scale. Our clients see searches with over 1,000,000 hits returned in less than a second.

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Flexible Metadata

Know 100% of your data. HubStor lets you easily customize the file attributes you want pushed into your index for search.

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Discovery & Productivity

Manage which users can perform searches. Privileged users can search for discovery purposes and place results on legal hold. End-users can search for self-service access.

How Search Works in the cloud

You’ve never experienced storage, archiving, and search like this before.


Investigate large volumes of unstructured data. Identify data containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

FOR Compliance

Meet data retention requirements with low-cost WORM storage in the cloud, and rapidly respond to any audit or investigation.

FOR Legal Teams

Cost-efficiently preserve eDiscovery case data. Search within PSTs files and across other unstructured data types. Manage cases and easily collect data.

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