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Alex HIll


Alex Hill is CISO & Head of DevOps at HubStor, responsible for engineering management, customer success, and all matters security.

Alex, an accomplished software engineering leader with a highly technical skill set, has led development teams to design and deliver multiple enterprise software solutions in backup/recovery, data management, storage, and search.

Prior to HubStor, Alex managed engineering teams at Micro Focus, HPE, and Autonomy.

Earlier in his career, he was a senior developer and team lead at ZANTAZ, and a software engineer at EDUCOM TS.

Alex has performed through several acquisitions in his career, including: EDUCOM TS by ZANTAZ in 2004; ZANTAZ by Autonomy in 2007; Mimosa Systems by Iron Mountain in 2010; Iron Mountain by Autonomy in 2011; Autonomy by HPE in 2011; and HPE asset sales to Micro Focus in 2017.

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