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Open positions at HubStor

At HubStor, we’re an A-team that is taking on the tech giants of the storage and backup world… and winning. We’re looking for talented, enthusiastic individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. Are you looking to join a team of A-players?

Take a look at our available positions:

Our business philosophy

Doing business with HubStor

We are only interested in doing business where we truly believe we can help.

Cloud storage is an important technology decision, and nobody enjoys a pushy sales approach.

Customer experience

We provide a customer experience that is pleasant and simple.

At HubStor, we believe in responsive, friendly, and capable personnel armed with an always-on customer-success attitude.

Quality software

We believe product quality starts at design and carries through all stages of development – not something that is thrown over the fence to test engineers and customers.

At HubStor we practice agile, test-driven development with continuous build and integration. And we make heavy use of automation to routinely scale and performance test the technology.

Always innovating

We rely heavily on continuous innovation to deliver new and better value that is unique in the market.

Our innovation takes the complexity out of archiving and hybrid cloud storage – and provide a secure vault for your business information — unlike any other solution.

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