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Limitless cloud archiving

The ultimate cloud archiving experience is here. With HubStor you can preserve multiple data workloads securely at low cost without sacrificing agility and control.

HubStor combines military-grade security with the economics, elasticity, and convenience of the cloud, giving you unlimited access to a rich archiving experience without the hassles of operating the infrastructure.

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Save on cloud storage costs with HubStor

Archiving economics

With HubStor you can achieve low monthly storage costs comparable to tape while maintaining search and control at your fingertips.

Cloud archiving with HubStor makes it easy to search

Cloud agility

Cloud archiving with HubStor makes it easy to search, analyze, access, and manage your information at all times.

A secure fortress for your data in a HubStor cloud archive

Enterprise security

Patent-pending security innovations, integrated identity and access, and end-to-end encryption deliver a secure fortress for your data in a HubStor cloud archive that is dedicated to you.

HubStor’s cloud archiving can help you consume tape in a more efficient way and migrate out of expensive legacy archiving products

Cloud archiving versus legacy approaches

When you think of archiving, do tape backups come to mind? Or perhaps a clunky on-premises archive?

The problem with legacy approaches to archiving is that you become embroiled in the details of managing gear, and the all-in cost is quite expensive when you factor licensing, infrastructure, and your time.

HubStor’s cloud archiving can help you consume tape in a more efficient way and migrate out of expensive legacy archiving products. You can manage email, file, media, imaging, backup, and database workloads in HubStor with WORM immutability, legal hold, discovery search, and fast exports.


Query metadata and run scoped full-text indexing at scale – even in a cold archive state. Place results on legal hold and export data effortlessly.


Isolate datasets based on access rights, data ownership, and item metadata. Understand storage costs and associate storage consumption to projects, clients, or departments.


Data is always encrypted in motion, and HubStor includes two approaches — both AES 256-bit — for encrypting your data-at-rest.


Remove duplication from content with single-instance storage.


Use built-in compression to further reduce your archive storage footprint and minimize long-term storage costs.


Stay operational in a disaster scenario with three synchronous copies of your data in a secondary Azure region.

Experience Cloud Archiving Simplicity



    Manage tiering with custom policies to ensure cost-optimized archiving in the cloud.


    Sync Security ACLs to support true custodian searching, user-based policies, and self-service access.


    Place users or groups on legal hold. Save searches to cases. Apply legal hold data classification policies.

Our Strong Points Ipad

    Export what you need - entire storage accounts, particular folders, individual items.


    Maintain version histories for each item.


    Analyze data and access activities. Apply policies for retention, deletion, indexing, tagging, and chargeback.

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How to begin your cloud archiving journey?

Onboarding simiplicity

Do you have a large backlog of data to seed and are wondering about the logistics of archiving it to the cloud?

Not to worry. HubStor has flexible options to help you get there quickly and avoid impacting your network if necessary.

One option we have is to leverage drive shipping which is a secure way of transporting large amounts of data on a physical form factor. We can help you with this process which helps to fast track your onboarding while avoiding any impact to your network connection.

HubStor also includes installable software which you can run in the cloud and on-premises to link multiple data sources to your HubStor cloud archive. Using policies, HubStor can copy/backup/migrate data compressed and encrypted to your HubStor tenant. You can schedule when it runs and control how much bandwidth it uses.

Optimize archiving storage costs

Reduce storage pricing without limiting access and agility

HubStor’s in-place analytics and policy engine help you identify data that can cost-optimize to a different cloud storage tier.

For data that you need to keep for long periods, but won’t be accessed often, HubStor can automatically place it to low-cost archive storage in the cloud with base costs as low as $0.00081 per Gigabyte monthly. That’s $810 for a Petabyte of storage monthly.

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  • “HubStor provided us the advantages we needed: storage and access to large data sets across our office locations, scalable operations that meet our growing demands, and functional ease that is both convenient and secure.”
    CIA HANG, DIRECTOR OF IT, Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc.

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