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We enjoy all the holidays here at HubStor, but for some of us Hallowe’en will always have a special place in our hearts. Sometimes we’re so busy with work that it’s easy to forget to take a moment to enjoy the season.

It is in that spirit that we offer you this tale of data center horror.

‘Twas the Eve of All Hallows

‘Twas the Eve of All Hallows’ and all through the place, not an admin was seen with a smile on their face. The admins shuffled and gave each other narrow looks, then to their cubicles they ran to fetch their run books. Looking for solutions, so quickly the pages they turned, but one could almost smell of career paths being burned. The server had crashed, the database was corrupt. Admins knew the end of their jobs would be quite abrupt. An admin spoke up as she looked around for a hero “In only ten minutes, this goes from Sev One to Sev Zero!” The non-stop clicking from the clock on the wall Had us sure the disaster would be the end of us all.

Then, from the data center, there arose such a clatter, I ran down the hall to see what was the matter. The CIO was throwing things around in rage and frustration. We could all imagine the horror of post-mortem investigation. We all looked down to stay out of the CIO’s way. One of the admins – the new guy – decided to say, “If we don’t have data, we’re safe from ransomware!” He’s still running today as we chased him from there. From outside the data center we could all hear A sound so nerve-wracking it filled us with fear. It was the Users who’d finished the construction of pitchforks and torches to cause our destruction.

The fluorescent lights on the square floor tiles were bright enough that we could see for miles. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a man in a T-shirt, standing there without fear. On his shirt he wore the bright shining logo of HubStor, and he had a cape that nearly reached the floor. With a quick glance he saw the cause of our distress, he began his summons in a voice that did impress: “From server, over network! Through connector, to cloud! Through index, on blob storage, with encryption,” he winked at the crowd. “Unleash for us your data! Be pulled through the firewall! Restore every index, table, and cell! Restore, restore them all!”

A bright light appeared from out of our Internet connection, Moving through routers in the dead server’s direction. As we watched it, the admins so silent they fell, Feeling for the first time that things might soon be well. Back onto the server all our data did go, with a very impressive RTO. The server hummed back to life, our problem was solved. A look showed the crowd of angry Users had dissolved. Not a word he spoke, our savior from HubStor. He gave us a nod and strode ‘cross the floor. He went straight to the routers leaving us shocked, we all were certain that rack had been locked. He leapt into the rack, paused to wave us goodbye, And back up our internet connection did fly. But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he vanished from sight, “Safe data practices for all, so you can sleep through the night!”

All the best data center stories end as happily as this one did. If you’re not sure that your own data center is ready to fend off the horror of data loss, contact us so we can help.

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