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Making unstructured data keyword searchable can be a top headache in enterprise IT. Especially at scale. If you’ve ever tried indexing Terabytes of file share or email archive data then you know what I’m talking about.

Indexing a small dataset is usually no problem, but scaling search often means a very large investment. Servers. Storage. Time. And then there’s licensing the enterprise search engine. It all works out to be insanely expensive.

For these reasons I am very happy to announce HubStor’s fresh approach to the search problem. We’ve just finished adding search to the HubStor service and here’s what I think you’ll like about it:

  • A simple subscription to a powerful search run in the cloud. Now you can make the data you archive to the cloud with HubStor searchable for business productivity or legal reasons.
  • To help you run lean and contain costs you can use HubStor’s data-aware storage policy engine to target indexing to certain subsets of your archive. Maybe it’s only data from certain employees or select date ranges or document types that needs to be searched.
  • In our tests a search cluster with a single machine indexes at a rate of 120 files per second. This minimal configuration made our data searchable within 3 minutes when we ran archiving to push on-premises file server data up to HubStor cloud storage. Not bad.
  • Let’s say you need to index at scale and do it quickly. Like 100 Terabytes or more. No problem. Really. We can provision a search cluster with literally dozens of machines, make them really high performance if necessary, and later scale it up or down depending on your needs.
  • As permissions to your data update the index does too with very little lag. This makes user searches accurate so people see only what they should.
  • Nothing upfront and no term commitment. Monthly pricing is based on consumption – measured by the amount of storage and machines in your search cluster. Get more on pricing here.

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Why we believe this is so exciting: Now clients can archive data in the cloud in a way that maximizes cost-efficiency, with the comfort that search can be enabled when and where you need it to support audits, eDiscovery, investigations, etc.

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