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Data sovereignty is a topic that’s becoming more relevant lately. Compliance regulations are being updated to include it, and it’s likely to be a part of future regulations.

With the global expansion of cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models, more SaaS providers are storing their customers’ live data in the same geographic region in which the customer is located. Things get a little more complicated for companies with operations worldwide and for companies wanting to back up their SaaS data. Of the two, worldwide operations are easier to solve as SaaS providers work with multiple geographic regions.

SaaS backup is a little more complex. Not everyone realizes at first that compliance regulations for data sovereignty also apply to backup data. There are workarounds, for example, organizations could set up multiple instances of a backup solution, so they have one for each region in which they operate, but that adds complexity to operations and requires multiple sets of backup policies.

HubStor provides a better solution. HubStor’s cloud data platform offers full support for backup and restore of Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo data. With our solution, organizations can set automated backup policies at the global, per region, and per user levels. HubStor uses the geo-location data in Azure Active Directory – specifically the preferredDataLocation property – to ensure that all backup data is automatically stored in the same region as the original data by automatically enrolling user mailboxes and OneDrive sites into the appropriate backup policy. The HubStor cloud data platform provides management of these multi-region backups through a single unified management console. HubStor’s content indexing gives organizations the ability to perform a single search query across all regions in which their data is stored.

Learn more about HubStor backup for Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo in our solution datasheet.

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