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On Wednesday 7 October, HubStor will be presenting as part of ActualTech Media’s Megacast on Data Protection and other related topics.

Who is ActualTech Media?

ActualTech Media is an independent technical marketing organization that works with vendors to create IT content and demand generation. They understand the IT technology used by most organizations and the IT challenges that organizations face. Their leadership team is a group of accomplished technical professionals. They work with other organizations to help produce content, and they host several virtual events a year designed to educate IT professionals and make folks aware of some of the technology solution offerings available.

(Full disclosure – I’ve met a few the ActualTech Media folks at tech events over the years and have worked with them directly on some projects in the past. HubStor’s participation in this event was scheduled prior to my arrival, so my familiarity with ActualTech Media is a happy accident.)

What is a Megacast?

Megacast is ActualTech Media’s name for one of the types of virtual events they host on a regular basis. Each Megacast has an overall topic and features presentations from multiple vendors. They’re a great opportunity to see some of the solutions that are available, as well as to learn the similarities and differences between them. The 7 October Megacast is titled “Data Protection, DRaaS & Disaster Recovery”.

HubStor’s part in the Megacast

We’ll be the second of six vendors presenting. Our presentation is titled “HubStor – Your Data Protection Secret Weapon” and will be presented by Yours Truly. During it we’ll give an overview of the HubStor Cloud Data Platform and the multitude of ways organizations can use it to simplify and improve their data protection very cost-effectively. We’ll explain what we mean when we say that HubStor can be your organization’s secret weapon for all your data protection needs.

How to join the Megacast

The Megacast event starts at 12:00PM EDT on 7 October. ActualTech Media will introduce the topic and the participating vendors. Each vendor has 20 minutes to present and will have a live questions-and-answers session immediately following their presentation.

HubStor’s presentation is scheduled to begin at 12:42PM EDT, so if you’re not viewing the entire Megacast (it’s three hours long), you’ll want to make sure you’re signed in by 12:40PM just to be sure.

You can go to the ActualTech Media site to register for the Megacast. By participating you’ll not only get to learn about the HubStor Cloud Data Platform’s data protection solutions, you’ll also be eligible for some great giveaways that ActualTech Media will be doing.

I hope to see you on the 7th!

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