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Today I am happy to announce the launch of HubStor’s innovative new MSP program.

Its focus is to deliver to the SMB market the same reliable, enterprise-grade SaaS platform for backup and archiving that our enterprise customers enjoy. So, if you’re an MSP take notice, we’re about to explain an exciting opportunity.

What customer challenges can MSPs solve with HubStor MSP?

  • Help your customers (and yourself) sleep better at night knowing that data is adequately backed up and recoverable, including VMs, databases, file servers, PaaS cloud storage, and SaaS apps like Office 365, Slack Enterprise, and Box.
  • Enable your customers to avoid brand damage from failed compliance, lawsuits, and audits with WORM retention, journaling, discovery search, and legal holds.
  • Provide your customers with a secure backup and archive of their valuable intellectual property assets to protect against data loss and threats like ransomware with a simple SaaS platform.

Why HubStor MSP?

HubStor’s direct and VAR go-to-market channels focus on medium and large organizations where the scalability, performance, and compliance requirements necessitate a single-tenant architecture of the HubStor platform. However, customers in the SMB market do not need that level of dedicated horsepower (nor the cost), but they still have similar backup and archiving challenges and need what HubStor provides.

To meet the demand we see from SMB prospects, and the MSP community that serves them, HubStor is pleased to roll out HubStor MSP, a program allowing our partners to offer HubStor at a price point attractive to SMB customers through a self-hosted, multi-tenant HubStor deployment that helps you grow your business.

What are the benefits of HubStor MSP?

There are seven core benefits you’ll experience with HubStor MSP, including:

1. Enhance your offerings, expand your revenues. Attract new customers and provide existing customers with a reliable backup and archiving solution for their apps and data, giving you new recurring revenue streams.

2. Host in your CSP subscription. Benefit from hosting HubStor in your CSP subscription.

3. Qualify for startup credits. Qualify to receive up to $3,000 in HubStor credits to help simplify the startup of your go to market.

4. Scale limitlessly. Enroll as many customers as you’d like onto your HubStor tenant. And more importantly, you have the freedom to charge them, however you want. You pay a single HubStor bill each month, no matter the number of customers you’ve onboarded. As you add more customers to the platform, you achieve better economies of scale, giving you better and better margins.

5. Enjoy referrals from HubStor. Enjoy new customer opportunity referrals from HubStor. Historically we’ve found ourselves turning away potential small to medium business customers because our focus is on medium to large enterprise. By becoming an MSP Partner, you are eligible to receive inbound leads from HubStor from SMB companies looking for a backup and archiving solution.

6. Get support and training. Focus on growing your business while HubStor manages, monitors, and maintains the platform infrastructure and software. As an MSP Partner, you get the speed and efficiency of experiencing HubStor as a service and then presenting that service to your customer base. The initial setup of your HubStor tenant takes 1-2 days, and adding additional customers to it is a breeze that takes little effort.

7. Leverage HubStor Co-sell. Take advantage of HubStor sales enablement tools and leverage our technologists to assist with customer discussions and product demonstrations. We’re happy to collaborate on sales strategy, be a voice of expertise, and support your marketing efforts.


How HubStor MSP works is simple

As I eluded to earlier in this post, you get your own dedicated HubStor platform, which can be shared by all your customers. You enjoy a fully-managed SaaS solution that you project out to the market as a multi-tenant offering hosted in your CSP subscription! How cool is that?

HubStor’s advanced identity and security provide logical segregation of your customers. Each customer can only see and interact with their data as you’d expect, and you, as the MSP, can support your customers as needed.

So what does this cost? HubStor MSP follows HubStor’s normal consumption-based, pay-as-you-grow pricing model you know and love. Unlike the other guys, there are no per-user fees or upfront commitments. We use your Azure CSP billing costs and apply our volume-discounted margin on the top; it’s as easy as that! Oh, and in addition to enjoying margin from Azure CSP, we give you a sweet partner margin discount off of HubStor every month, for as long as your tenant is active.

The HubStor promise follows:

  • No licensing fees.
  • No hardware.
  • No setup fees.
  • No term commitments.
  • Includes onboarding and support.
  • Pay-as-you-go by default.
  • Cancel anytime with no fees or lock-in.

What’s the difference between HubStor referral, VAR, and MSP partner levels?

  • Referral – As a Referral Partner, you introduce HubStor to opportunities, we sign the customer directly, and you enjoy a trailing partner margin that we remit to you for an initial term.
  • VAR – As a VAR Partner, you introduce HubStor to opportunities, we sign the customer directly, you have the option of billing the customer yourself or relying on HubStor for this, and you enjoy a trailing partner margin for a period.
  • MSP – As an MSP Partner, we have a direct relationship with you only as opposed to your customers. We set you up with your HubStor platform in your CSP subscription and bill you month-to-month based on usage while giving you a partner margin discount. From there, you have the freedom and flexibility to pursue your customers and charge them in the way you like to grow your business.

The no-hassle way to start your journey with HubStor MSP

Getting your feet wet as a HubStor MSP is incredibly easy. The best place to start is by having a short discussion with a member of our team to see if you qualify for startup credits. Naturally, you may have a few questions about our platform and pricing, and this will allow you the opportunity to learn more. It also provides us a chance to understand better your business, which will determine how we can best collaborate to service your customers.

If you wish to explore HubStor MSP, connect with us here.

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