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The world of data protection continues to become bigger and more complex. New data is being collected from new data sources, and people are finding new use cases for new or existing data. Data protection regulation and compliance is becoming stricter and data retention requirements are lengthening. Data is complex, dynamic, and ever-changing. Data protection solutions need to be dynamic in order to adapt to these changes.

At HubStor, we continuously strive to produce innovative approaches to assist enterprise customers with data protection and data management. Through our agile software development and delivery methodologies, we’re able to bring these innovations to our customers quickly.

A number of the capabilities built into the HubStor data platform are now patented, and many more are patent pending. For example:

United States Patent No. 10,516,669 was issued December 24, 2019 to HubStor Inc.

The following abstract offers an overview of this recently-issued patent:

Cloud storage provides for accessible interfaces, near-instant elasticity and scalability, multi-tenancy, and metered resources within a framework of distributed resources acing to provide highly fault-tolerant solutions with high data durability. However, cloud storage has drawbacks and limitations which are addressed by: a graphical user interface which portrays content ingested from third-party sources in its original folder contexts and determines what folder locations each knowledge worker will see in the interface rather than how they are uploaded onto the remote storage; a centralized determination of incremental ingestion of changes from a data source to a cloud storage repository that should be written; and a responsive method of obtaining query results for policies that evaluate one or more clauses against a cloud storage repository containing large data sets; and a means of maintaining/refreshing of statistics for large data sets within a cloud storage repository.

Inventors Greg Campbell and Geoff Bourgeois filed the patent application on November 8, 2016.

If you’d like to see a demo of some of the innovations in HubStor, please let us know here.


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