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We’re constantly looking for ways to make HubStor better for our customers. With the latest version of HubStor, updates and upgrades just got easier.

Customers now enjoy automatic upgrades for their tenant with the added flexibility of choosing the timing of the upgrade.

How HubStor’s auto-upgrade works

When a new version of HubStor is ready for customers, we’ll send an email with a detailed summary of the updates and added features included in the new version. Your tenant will be scheduled to upgrade automatically at a specified time.

However, you can choose to have the automatic upgrade process happen sooner or defer it to a later date. You have complete control over the timing. Once your upgrade is complete, you’ll receive an email confirming that it was successful.

This latest update also means you’ll be able to review a detailed audit history of your tenant upgrade activity at any time in your admin portal after auto-upgrades have been enabled.

What will auto-upgrades mean for HubStor customers?

Essentially, you’ll always have the latest version of HubStor running in your tenant. This ensures you’re able to take advantage of the new and useful features we release to better protect and manage data for your organization. The flexibility of being able to select when to upgrade your tenant means you can complete the upgrade during the optimal time of your choosing.

If you want to learn more about HubStor’s new auto-upgrade capabilities, connect with me to book a demo and discuss how HubStor can help your organization.

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