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Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Cool Blob Storage in Azure. HubStor is pleased to announce immediate support for the new Cool Storage tier.

Unlike a cold storage tier such as Amazon Glacier, which Microsoft will be coming out with too, it doesn’t take hours to retrieve something from Cool Storage.  We think this makes the Cool Storage tier great for active archiving where users are self-service accessing their data and policies and indexing can be running against the data. It has a similar performance profile to the Hot tier — the key difference is the SLA is 99% instead of 99.9%.

The other key difference: Pricing of Cool Storage is significantly less, which means we pass on the full cost savings benefit when you use Cool Storage in HubStor because of our consumption pricing model.

With HubStor’s scale-out object storage design, multiple Stors (archive storage pools) can be configured, making it easy to leverage both Hot and Cool tiers for different storage workloads in your subscription.  For instance, user file share actively archive to a Hot tier while things like orphan email archives and sequencer data go to a Cool tier. Whether using a Hot or Cool tier in HubStor, each Stor is cloud integrated, fully data aware, supports search-as-a-service, and can run policies like retention, indexing, tagging, and DLP.

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